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Steel Panther + Wilson + True Villians @ The Norva, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, Virginia (June 1, 2019) Steel Panther’s Heavy Metal Mardi Gras! Tour blasts into The Norva concert venue tonight supported by rock bands Wilson of East Lansing, Michigan and True Villains of Nashville, Tennessee. The over the top glam metal 4 piece from Los Angeles, California, is bringing their ultra rockstar personas to this room full of stoked fans. Some of which are dressed in 80’s metal outfits fully equipped with wigs and other metal accessories.

True Villains takes to the stage first. This band plays hard rock and roll filled with the energy of metal’s past while striking their own chord in todays musical landscape.  The members consist of Tim Venerosa on guitar, Matt Carter playing drums, Barry Conaway on bass, and lead singer Beau Lastavich. This tight band has a deep grooving stage presence that gets the crowd moving. Bassist Barry Conaway’s energy drives the bands power as they play through the set. The crowd is loving it as Beau interacts and slings the microphone stand around as he sings. The crowd erupts as the band announces they are about to play a cover song. The song is the 1986 hit “Take Me Home Tonight” by American rock singer Eddie Money.

The entire club is singing along as the chorus hits,

“Take me home tonight
I don’t want to let you go till you see the light
Take me home tonight
Listen honey
Just like Ronnie sang
Be my little baby
Oh, oh, oh”

Tru Villains puts you in the mood to rock with a live an energetic show. Check them out on tour here: https://www.truevillainsnashville.com/shows

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True Villains:

After a brief stage reset Wilson is about to take the stage. The drum set is placed stage right and I see a large neon green set of skeleton hands forming a “W” on top of the bass cabinets. This five piece is comprised of Chad Nicefield on vocals, Jason Spencer on lead guitar, Kyle Landry on guitar, James Lascu on bass and Matt Puhy hitting the drums.

Nicefield is all smiles as he navigates the stage belting out their hip hop influenced hard hitting rock and roll. The band is having fun and they are doing their all to keep the crowd having fun as well. The fans react to the song “Dumptruck”, a powerful song with ripping guitar riffs accompanied with pounding drums reminiscent of Rob Zombie-escue power.

Chad says “Anybody wanna stroke with us?” as they transition into “The Stroke” a Billy Squier cover. The drums kick in and the entire place sings:

“Now everybody, have you heard, if you’re in the game
Then the stroke’s the word
Don’t take no rhythm,
Don’t take no style
Gotta thirst for killin’,
Grab your vial uh”

The set rocks with Wilson‘s unique arrangement of songs peppered with hip hop flavored moments that keep the crowd hopping. Nicefield takes his time to shake hands with fans as will as photographers in the photo pit. At one point he states how in the past they had played Norfolk ‘s small bars and clubs and he couldn’t believe how they are now on this tour and doing what they love. He thanks Steel Panther for bringing them along, then thanks the crowd for coming out and says he hopes they are able to come back again in the future with their own headlining show.

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The Stroke (Billy Squier cover)
Fuck Up My High P
Like a Baller
House of Fuckery