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Toad – Stoney’s Rockin’ Country


Jeff Higginbotham – aka “Toad” – aka The man, the myth, the legend

Do you know Toad? No? You need to!

Splice recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Toad for what was supposed to be a typical 20 minute +/- interview, but somehow turned into what felt like a chat with an old friend.

We discussed everything from his childhood, to how he got his start in the music business, to the Route 91 Harvest incident, and everything in between. 85 minutes later we wrapped up … with a new friend in tow.

Hear the conversation:

Toad has a way with whatever he does; whether it be artist management, booking, graphic design, promotions, and now even radio. Be sure to check out one of his latest endeavours – Country AF Radio – you’ll love it!!

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check out @countryafradio you’ll be glad you did

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