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Splice is not confined to any genres. Splice stands apart from the rest because of our commitment to feature ALL artists – from just starting to A-listers; from Gospel to Heavy Metal; from dive bars to arenas and stadiums!

Splice specializes in concert photography and concert reviews. We absolutely love to cover festivals, too! We also publish press releases regarding upcoming tours and new music. We conduct, write and publish interviews and album reviews.

The talent bank of the Splice Team is outstanding! We have an incredibly diverse lineup of contributors, from all walks of life. Splice is a collaborative effort; a team of incredibly talented Photojournalists, Photographers, Journalists, and Guest Contributors.


Mary Elliott
CEO | Artist Manager | Publicist | Senior Photojournalist
John Swider
COO | Senior Photojournalist
Mark Matson
CIO | Senior Photojournalist
Ken Penn
Senior Photojournalist
Allen Heimberger
Senior Photojournalist
Trevor Redford
Senior Photojournalist
Cheyenne Comerford
Senior Photojournalist
Adrienne Row – Smith
Senior Photojournalist
Ron Claus
Kristen Derr
Meaghan Clark
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