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Rising Detroit Hard Rock Band Kaleido Come to The Hard Rock Live In Orlando Fl.

11/07/21(Orlando FL.)

On November seventh, Kaleido, one of the hardest working bands out of Detroit Michigan hit the Hard Rock Live In Orlando Fl. This wasn’t just any regular show, the band was recruited by none other than Sebatian Bach of Skid Row fame for his 30th anniversary of Slave To The Grind tour. After finding Kaleido on the Internet, Bach new this was the band to open up this prestigious tour. After contacting lead singer Christina Criss on her birthday no less, the wheels were set in motion for the band to hop on the tour.

Formed back in 2011 when singer Christina Criss met drummer Joey Fava things have steamrolled forward with countless shows including opening for Seether, Halestorm, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Aerosmith, Slash, Asking Alexandria, In This Moment, and Evanescence as well as accolades from the Detroit press like outstanding Alt/Indie/Punk artist at the 2019 Detroit Music awards. As the lights come up and the band takes the stage, Christina Criss hits the stage with tons of energy. You can’t help but get drawn in by her stage presence. By the time they got done with their first song “Die Tryin’” everyone that was in the venue was quickly becoming a new fan.

As they wound into their second song “Give Me Back My Rock And Roll” the band really kicked things up another notch. Criss was just a human dynamo. She prowled every inch of the stage and frequently engaged members of the audience. Not to be out done guitarist Drew Johnston was rapid firing lick after lick while bassist Cody Morales and drummer Joey Fava locked down the rhythm section. They kept up their performance with songs such as “Dead To Me”, “My Fire”, and “Pretending”. As each song was played on, they were able to grab the crowd and hold on to them.

At one point during the show Criss said “Play a solo for me Joey Fava” and with a little bit of extra cheering from the audience, he ripped into one hell of a drum solo. As their forty-five-minute set time was coming to an end, Criss related to the audience about how the pandemic had affected her and the band then they launched into the final song of their set a timely version of “Panic In A Pandemic”.

What an impressive performance Kaleido put on. This is definitely a band worth checking out. With the groups killer sound and Criss’s personality oozing out of each song, there isn’t anything else out there like Kaleido. Whether you can catch them live or check out their music you will have found yourself a new favorite band.


11/07/21 Kaleido © Mark Matson
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