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Return To Dust Officially Releases Groundbreaking EP The Black Road

Return to Dust, the Los Angeles-based grunge trio, officially releases their long -awaited debut EP, “The Black Road“. (Official release date: July 28th, 2023).

Return to Dust has always felt like a hidden gem, a band that could have fallen straight from the 90’s, but stands proudly among the musical landscape of today. This is perhaps a gesture towards the timelessness of grunge’s existential yet relatable message, which spoke to and landed them30+ recordings with legendary producer and mixer Jim Kaufman.

Todays release of the banger EP “The Black Road”  cements Return to Dust’s quintessential place in grunge’s existential yet relatable portfolio of both past and present Icons of the genre. Return to Dust, who are heavily inspired by the legendary Alice In Chains, have already cultivated a reputation in the local Los Angeles music scene without having released any music on streaming platforms.

With love from all major music platforms and the band’s recent TikTok fame, Return to Dust hit over 500K streams across all streaming platforms alongside a whopping 73K monthly listeners on Spotify alone prior to the release of their debut EP today!

SEE VIRAL TIKTOK HERE – https://www.tiktok.com/@returntodustband/video/7245661455469563179



“”“Black Road” is a killer track. Everything hits hard. The vocals are fierce yet remain melodic. The guitars ring with fire while the monstrous bass line is brazenly defiant. In addition, it was produced by the illustrious Jim Kaufman (Anti-Flag/Helmet).

“Black Road” is the perfect vehicle for Return to Dust to showcase their remarkable cinematic approach. This is a band with a stupendous future.””Meet Return to Dust, a heavy rock band with songs reminiscent of the grunge era with a modern twist.”

“Black Road” has also been featured on independent playlists such as Prelude Press’ “Music That Doesn’t Suck”, CHARM Music Magazine’s “New Music Friday”, NAS 101’s “New Artist Spotlight”, Get Rocked’s “Best New Music”, and more.

Despite this trajectory, the band had fallen into one of the myriad of “new band” curses, which is meticulously and quietly planning out their debut release. Thankfully, the band committed to their craft long before showing their faces, as singers Graham Stanush (bass) and Matty Joseph (guitar) formed an eternal bond growing up in the cement capital of Texas. The singers carried this passion to the west coast, where they met their then 16 year old guitarist Sebastian Gonzalez.

Now assimilated, Return to Dust has already made its mark, touring up and down the west coast, playing Vegas, Phoenix, every slummy bar in San Gabriel Valley, and personally gaining a stamp of approval from Matt Pinfield on KLOS —- the band is a ticking time bomb to hundreds of eager fans.