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Lamb Of God Bring The Omens Tour To The MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre

Tampa, Fla(September 18, 2022)

When one of the heaviest bands in all the land puts out a blistering new single, and lets the world know a new album is in the works, without question the ensuing tour is going to be one hot affair. Yes, Lamb Of God is getting ready to release their ninth studio album Omens and their new single of the same name is burning up the airwaves. Even better, they have put together an incredible tour with Killswitch Engage, Baroness, and Suicide Silence. With their stop at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre Lamb Of God definitely brought the heat.

It’s just the second song of the set and lead singer Randy Blythe is stalking the stage during “Walk With Me In Hell” as plumes of pyro light up the night.  Indeed Lamb Of God has put everyone on notice that there won’t be any half measures and fully plan on melting as many faces as possible.  With their latest album Omens about to be dropped, the question was would they be adding any of this material to the nights mayhem.  Lamb Of God decided not to go that route. Instead of a show introducing everyone to a ton of new material, this nights show was filled with tracks from throughout their career.

From the moment Randy Blythe and his band mates hit the stage and launched into “Memento Mori” from their self-titled album, everyone instantly knew the band was at the top of their game. Guitarist Willie Adler and Mark Morton where rapid firing riffs at a machine gun pace while the rhythm section of drummer Art Cruz and bassist John Campbell were thunderous and totally locked in. Once the pyro started in appropriately during “Walk With Me In Hell” is when the crowd surfing and mosh pits kicked in.  The gleam in Blythe’s eye was all you needed to see to know that he was enjoying the frenzy just as much as those that paid to be in the pit.

As stated earlier, the fifteen song setlist was filled with some of the finest stuff that lamb Of God has put together throughout their career. If anything they could have made a greatest hits album from the song choices they played. Whether it was “Vigil” or “Ghost Walking” or “512”, They performed songs from nearly the entire span of their career. Of course, every song was played to perfection with the brutality that everyone craved. For those that love it when Randy uncorks one of his patented high jumps, you wouldn’t go home disappointed as he got major air during “Now You Have Something To Die For”.  Of course with their new album on the horizon, their blistering new single “Omens” made its way into the night. Throughout the exciting pyro laden performance, there wasn’t a second of letdown and the throttle was kept at max all night long. There was only one way to end the night and Lamb Of God nailed it with their masterpiece “Redneck”

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In what had to be one of the best lineups of the year, Killswitch Engage, Baroness, and Suicide Silence were also along for the ride. Suicide Silence, a four man deathcore outfit out of California was the first band to hit the stage. The band brought tons of energy to the stage and were clearly enjoying themselves. When lead singer Eddie Hermida told the crowd that this was the band’s first ever Amphitheatre tour its no wonder they were having a blast.

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Next up was Baroness. This sludge/progressive metal band out of Savannah Georgia has developed a well-earned reputation as a critics darling and a must see live act.  When lead singer/guitarist John Baizley, lead guitarist Gina Gleason, drummer Sebastian Thomas, and bassist Nick Jost hit the stage they were all smiles. Over the course of their six song setlist which touched on each of their albums they delivered a performance that was worthy of the reputation that they have garnered. Their musicality and skill were evident from the get-go. Indeed this is a band to keep an eye on.

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Now it was time for Killswitch Engage to do their thing. This metalcore outfit out of Massachusetts

has had a wildly successful twenty year career with plenty of hit songs.  Tonight, they would unleash a good portion of their catalog on everyone there with a stacked fifteen song setlist. When the band hit the stage they immediately launched into “Strength Of Mind”. From the first note on they were on fire and the energy they brought to the stage was infectious. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz who is notorious for getting the crowd worked up into a frenzy had to be impressed as the pit opened up and was in high gear almost immediately. For all the lucky fans that made their way to the rail, during “Daylight Dies” singer Jesse Leach hopped off the stage and was singing right in the fans face. What was definitely the highlight of their performance was when former lead singer Howard Jones joined the band on stage for their performance of “The Signal Fire”.

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From beginning to end, this was one hell of a night of heavy music. Just like Omens, the new single and album of the same name Lamb Of God has put together something equally heavy and special. Without question nights like these leave you breathless and exhausted in the best possible way.

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