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Trinity Of Terror Tour Hits The Orlando Amphitheater

Orlando, FL.(November 26th, 2022)

Trinity of Terror, the name conjures up thoughts of all kinds of delicious triumvirates of evil. For music fans it may very well be the concert they could never have come up with even in their wildest dreams. For this tour Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills and Black Veil Brides have joined forces to ravage concert halls and assorted venues. With the threads of metalcore, goth and even horror running through each band this tour just seems a natural or maybe even a bit unnatural in keeping with the theme. As the tour has already traversed the country on two legs, on this the third and final leg they have brought along metalcore stalwarts Atreyu to get everyone’s excitement kickstarted.

With the sun going down on a beautiful post-thanksgiving Saturday in Orlando Florida and everyone either home for the holidays or escaping the cold to sunny Florida for the long weekend, this was the perfect time to throw a concert like this.  Judging by the absolutely massive traffic just to get into the Orlando Amphitheatre this was indeed the event that everyone needed to be at.

While it is normal for people to trickle in at the expense of the opening band, having such an established group in Atreyu kick off the night was the guarantee that people would get there early. Back in 2020 the band went through a shakeup. Brandon Saller got out from behind his drum kit to assume lead singing duties, with Kyle Rosa taking his place behind the kit. Without question Atreyu put on a great performance. As their most recent release Baptize came out in 2020 during the height of the pandemic this would be the perfect time to showcase material from it.  A third of the setlist came from the album including the two hit singles “Save Me” and “Warrior”.  Throughout their set they were highly entertaining with guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel their usual fierce selves while traversing the stage. They even played their biggest hits “Becoming The Bull” and “The Time Is Now”.

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As there are three bands capable of headlining any tour tonight, the bands would be taking turns throughout the tour rotating spots on the bill. First up tonight would be the Black Veil Brides.  As with all the bands on the tour, the Black Veil Brides bring along an ardent fan base that will hang on every note played and when the band hit the stage they loudly let everyone in Orlando know they were there and ready to rock. The band led things off with the smash hit single “Crimson Skies” off of their latest album The Phantom Tomorrow. With this song getting tons of airplay, whether you were a longtime fan of the Brides, or new to their music this song got everyone into the concert immediately.

While Black Veil Brides don’t make use of props during their show they make great use of the giant video screen behind the band. During their performance of “Coffin” images of statues with bloody eyes were moving about on a red background. For sure stuff like this definitely put them firmly into the Trinity Of Terror. While the showmanship makes for fun, the band nailed the performance.  Guitarists Jinxx and Jake Pitts were pounding out heavy riff one after another while lead singer Andy Beirsack hit every note perfectly.

In a change of pace, Jinxx put down his guitar, put on a top hat and picked up his violin and started the intro for “Shadows Rise”. Under the red stage lights this created a truly gothic feel to start the song off. With the band pounding out killer song after killer song, things came to a screeching halt during “Knives And Pens” when Andy spotted a fan passing out in the audience. He stopped the band to allow the lights to come up so the fan could be brought to safety and treated by medics. While this was happening he implored everyone to hydrate and to please take care of themselves. They ended the night with arguably one of their biggest songs “In The End”.

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After a quick change over, it was now time for the next co-headliner to take the stage Scranton Pennsylvania’s very own Motionless In White.  With the stage bathed in blue light and smoke billowing out into the crowd the video screen came alive with the text “Initiating Bangover Sequence..”. the band hit the stage quickly and dove right into “Disguise”. The energy between the band and the audience was palpable. You couldn’t tell who was more fired up the guys in Motionless In White or the audience.

When the song was over singer Chris Motionless stood center stage with his arms crossed staring out into the crowd with an intense look, as if he was appreciating just how raucous the crowd was. He then implored everyone from front to back and side to side to start jumping when the next song kicked in. As soon as they launched into “Signs Of Life” two women from the dance troupe The Cherry Bombs stood on either side of the stage with metal plates buckled onto them and proceeded to make huge plumes of sparks with grinders as the band performed. Just as things were getting going, Chris spotted a fan who needed help and stopped the show so security could get to them. While the fan was being attended to Chris said to the audience that while he doesn’t want to be the fun police, he asked everyone to take breaks, compromise and look after each other.

The band brought it heavy with a brutal version of “Slaughterhouse”. Midway through the song they brought out Anthony Martinez of Dark Divine to help out with singing duties. Other highlights of the set were their performance of the bands latest single “Werewolf” off of their most recent album Scoring The End Of The World. They would also play the other two singles “Cyberhex” and “Masterpiece” which had everyone in the capacity crowd singing along. Impossibly enough, the audience was even louder when singing along to “Another Life”.  But the absolute king of sing-a-long’s went to their raucous cover of the Killer’s song “Somebody Told Me”.  They ended their set with “Eternally Yours” at the end of the song they had the two dancers and Chris tossing roses out to the fans.

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After incredible performances by the two previous bands it would take a strong showing to be able to match them. If there was one group capable of going toe to toe with them, it was the final act of the night Ice Nine Kills. Well known for their love of horror movies and bringing them to life in their music, Ice Nine Kills has developed a well earned reputation for an eye popping concert.

When the band hit the stage they were all dressed in suits and masks with lead singer Spencer Charnas holding a shovel as well. They kicked off the show with “Wurst Vacation”. Throughout the performance Charnas was the perfect showman as well as singer. Whether he was disappearing into plumes of smoke and menacingly brandishing his shovel he had everyone in the palm of his hand. If that wasn’t enough they even had a crew member come out in a bloody apron holding an axe and a meat cleaver. Later on Charnas donned an apron and used a meat cleaver as well.

They turned things up a notch with their performance of “Hip To be Scared” recreating one of the scenes from the movie American Psycho. Charnas played the part of Patrick Bateman to perfection. As he pretended to use an axe on one of the crew, blood spatter was displayed on the video screen behind the band. It didn’t matter what song they played. Whether it was “IT Is the End”, “The Shower Scene”, or “Stabbing In The Dark”, the band sounded phenomenal and their use of props and well timed imagery on the video screen truly made for an incredibly immersive performance. With the audience either singing along with the band or crowd surfing it was easy to see that every single person there was having the time of their lives. The final song of the night was “Welcome To Horrorwood” which was just a great way to end the night.

It’s rare outside of festivals to see three of the best bands of their genre in one night let alone touring together. But the Trinity of Terror tour has pulled off a coup by getting Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills, and Motionless In White to put on one of the hottest tours in ages. All three bands delivered the goods and left all their fans sweaty, tired, and satisfied. If you ask any of the seven thousand plus fans that were at the Orlando Amphitheater about the show and the only answer you will get is this was the concert of the year.

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