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Sofi Tukker + Kal Lo + LP Giobbi @ El Club, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (May 1, 2018) On an unseasonably warm May evening, Detroit was feeling like an island paradise as Sofi Tukker and special guests  Kah-Lo + LP Giobbi brought the Treehouse World Tour to the famed El Club. The intimate venue’s stage was adorned with palm trees, greenery and tropical flowers, awash in pink, purple and yellow lights creating a supersaturated fantasy world.

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Self-described as “Rock n Roll with a Disco Soul”, Deejay LP Giobbi took the stage with a beaming smile. Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned “TITS FIRST” and red leather pants, the synth warrior goddess gave us a high-energy set of her self produced Afro-Cuban infused piano house tracks. Giobbi got everybody moving, dancing and interacting with fans in the crowd while spreading joy with her contagious smile.

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Giobbi introduced Nigerian-born rising star and Grammy-nominee Kah-Lo, who performed several of her hits, including “Rinse and Repeat” and “Fake ID”, with Giobbi mixing behind her.

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Tonight marked Sofi Tukker’s first headline show in Detroit, MI and there was no mistaking their enthusiasm to be in the Motor City. The NYC-based duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld (Sofi) and Tucker Halpern (Tukker), opened their set saying,”alright, Detroit, when I start singing, let’s all put our hands together!” as they launched into “Energia”.

Splice first caught Sofi Tukker when they performed with Odesza + Louis Futon in Detroit, MI. in November, 2017. It was clear that this band, with their stylish house-inspired jungle pop beats, were set to take the music world by storm so it was no surprise that they returned at the top of the bill this time around.

Sofi Tukker “Batshit” (Official Video)

Punctuated with catchy melodies and playful lyrics sung in English and Portuguese, Sofi Tukker’s stage presence captivated the audience as much as their music. The lush world music elements backed with a house beat gave the night a theatrical vibe and kept the crowd moving their feet. At one point, the 6’7” lanky Tukker got quite a laugh from the fans as he shared that his mom’s best friend from college was in the audience and apologized for thrusting in her face. The set was filled with songs from this year’s debut album Treehouse, including “Fuck They”, “Batshit”, “Benadryl”, “Baby I’m a Queen”, and “Best Friend” – a tune that gained attention in an iPhone X ad last year, their second song featured by Apple.

Sofi Tukker Performs “Best Friend” Live on Jimmy Fallon

During the song “Awoo” the band kept up the audience interaction and invited a couple of fans, Bob and Mary, on stage after learning they were celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary at the show. With crowd surfing and energetic crowd appeal, Sofi Tukker brought the party to the packed El Club crowd. The duo wrapped up the set with their breakthrough viral hit “Drinkee” and sadly the crowd had to accept that the party was over and it was time to leave the neon- drenched Treehouse world.

Your chance to catch this can’t-be-missed extravaganza is just around the corner as the Treehouse World Tour continues across the country through the end of May, before hopping Atlantic for some summer festivals throughout Europe in June.

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 Journalist: Kate Sumbler

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