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Album Review: Tangerine Pairs Indie Pop and 80’s Vibes in Newest EP White Dove

Whether indie pop is in your wheelhouse or not, prepare for a breakthrough you’ll want to hear from LA band Tangerine next week. Tangerine releases their new EP White Dove Friday October 19th, 2018.  The shimmering vocals of Marika Justad and effervescent instrumentals by Miro Justad and Tobias Kuhn bring White Dove soaring through the mind in this must hear EP.  A quick four songs, White Dove tells a stunning story about “yearning, nostalgia, female friendship & the messiness of finding yourself in your 20s.”  Already released as a single, “Local Mall” paints the picture of escape from the everyday drag with lyrics like “you drive us home by moonlight/carefree but oh so steady.”   The bright plucky 80’s styled guitars in “Local Mall” combined with the lyrics “If we run out of time/I need your hand in mine” would blend perfectly into a soundtrack for a Pretty in Pink remake. “Cherry Red” takes you back “skipping through the streets of our wildest dreams” to a time when the world is in front of you. This wistful pop tune’s vibrancy exemplifies melodic utopia. Slowing things down “Lake City” begins in an unhurried and climbing introduction, leading you along with the lyrics chronicling the anticipation in the pursuit of your heart’s desire. “Monster of the Week” boasts a quirky guitar tone that grooves throughout the song, with a beat that is genius and irresistible.

White Dove carries with it a fantastic nostalgic vibe throughout the EP fusing with superb musical production that allows the EP to shine. Standing out as a more ambient effort than previous rock releases from Tangerine, White Dove embraces the pop with infusions of 80’s Glam that brings the sound of Tangerine crashing into a genre that showcases their talent in a new and captivating way. The new sound is riveting, White Dove feels like the tip of the iceberg for Tangerine as they come into their own. Finding their sound with White Dove, Tangerine is on the brink of a breakthrough and we will soon see them climbing the indie pop charts.



Reviewed by – Jessi McKee – Photojournalist

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