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Album Review: Phoenix Rising: Ignite

Forming from a Craigslist ad in 2016, Phoenix Rising combines multiple genre sounds including elements of rap, metal, and EDM when creating their tunes.  The Dallas, TX band released their debut EP, Ignite, and Splice has your review of the pumping four-track album!

Pressing play jumps you right into a catchy, almost ballad piano riff, but quickly builds into a strong, full-force, rocking track called “Do You Know.”  You can hear the subtle tastes of Linkin Park splashed throughout the song, especially when the longing vocal melody of the chorus hits.  It makes for a great EP lead off, leaving the listener with no choice but to hear what else this band has to offer.

Going into the number two track, “Open You Up”, the anticipation builds with rhythmic synth sounds, leading into a solid metal guitar lick.  The dynamics of this song truly shows the talent this band holds.  If you are seeing the band live, this song will propel the show to its fullest potential if they can deliver what the album gives to the ears.

Slowing it down, “If I Say No” brings out the lyrical strength of the band, carried throughout the song by a powerful lead vocal that will have you singing along.  Sharp synth notes blended with the simmered background vocals, set the “lighters up” mood of this one.

Closing out the EP, “Lights Out” is the headbanging, pure metal sound this band possesses.  Heavy guitars, a great rhythm, and a catchy hook is the perfect recipe for this song being sung back to the band while on stage.  Being the last track on the album and lasting only a short 2:51, when this one ends, you will be hitting repeat.

This EP is a promising showcase for the band and is an enjoyment for any lover of metal music with other mixtures of sounds.

Check out the Ignite tracklist below:

1. Do You Know
2. Open You Up
3. If I Say No
4. Lights Out

Phoenix Rising:

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