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Album Review: Avalon Kali’s Self-Titled Debut EP

Country pop artist Avalon Kali’s debut self-titled EP is set to be released on March 23, 2018, be sure to catch the release show at The Local! The six-track EP is a collaboration between Kali and Hey World Productions. Avalon Kali is a solid debut album featuring the young singer-songwriter and her unique vocal style.

Avalon Kali focuses on what matters to her in the songwriting. With lyrics addressing falling in love, heartache, and generally just having fun, it keeps a youthful groove throughout.

Speechless”, is a dance pop-country song which was released as the lead single to her current single, “Kitchen Dance Floor”, a sultry blues-styled country slow song. The single focuses on the youthful years of relationships when nothing in the world mattered but the other person.

The best song on the EP has yet to be released as a single. The radio-ready “Tomorrow” is a superb feel-good song. The beautiful and uplifting arrangement builds throughout, allowing the lyrics “Don’t you worry, the sun will shine tomorrow…” to hit at the apex of the song. It’s a song filled with lyrical sunshine and hopefulness that instantly puts a smile on your face, and has you clapping along by the end.

Whether you are falling head-over-heels for someone or mending heartache, this EP will cover your feelings. It starts with a swept-off-your-feet pop song with “Heartbeat” and ends with “Crying Out”, a post-breakup song, all while covering the fun to be had in between.

Avalon Kali Track Listing
Country Song
Kitchen Dance Floor
Crying Out

Avalon Kali:

 Journalist: Allen Heimberger

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