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Steel Panther Brings it Hot and Heavy to The Fillmore Detroit

Steel Panther © John Swider

Detroit,Mi (Feb 4, 2019)

When Steel Panther took the stage Sunday night at The Fillmore Detroit, Van Halens “Everybody Wants Some” was drowned out by the screaming fans. If you didn’t know , you would swear that you had been transported back in time to the heyday of “Glam Rock,” when big hair and outrageous outfits ruled the stage.

Steel Panther © John Swider

Steel Panther does nothing to dispel the fact that they are portraying themselves as a throwback band from that lost era of hair bands either. This comedic yet very talented Glam band has been rocking together since 2000 and never fails to entertain their fans with their raunchy comedy and eclectic stage presence. Their continuous banter with the ladies in the audience along with each other are always good for a laugh and really keep the crowd engaged.

Steel Panther © John Swider

Did I forget to mention these guys are also fabulous musicians? Michael Starrs vocals are strong as ever, reminiscent of some of the best singers from the Glam rock era. His range is undeniable and he continues to hit the high notes with ease and precision. Add in his infectious smile, you have and front man that can perform with the best in the business. Stage partner and lead guitarist, Satchel, is an absolute animal on his axe too. A vastly under-rated guitarist, possibly because  very few in the music industry take Steel Panther serious, Satchel is definitely the field-general on stage. Mixed with a stream of “one-liners” between dizzying guitar licks and mind-numbing solos, the man makes his craft look easy. It was never more evident than during his now famous guitar solo in the middle of the show. While impressive anytime during the show, the crowd loses it when Satchel begins playing the drums as he shreds on his guitar! If performances like this weren’t enough to dispel the critics about his crazy skills, I would honestly check their credentials!!

Steel Panther © John Swider

Tonight’s setlist was a blended mix of Steel Panthers own catalog and 80’s metal classics designed to pay homage to the world famous Sunset Strip in California. After opening the night with “Eyes of a Panther,” they slid effortlessly into “Goin’ in the Backdoor” followed by a cover of the Kinks classic, “You Really Got Me”, which had powerhouse drummer Stix Zadinia laying down the scintillating beats. By now the crowd sensed something was amiss with Steel Panther and Satchel was quick to address the issue between songs. The “official” word is bassist Lexxi Fox had checked into sex rehab; and a subsequent story was told about some unfortunate gerbils and that Foxx would return in the future. Filling in for Foxx in his absence was Steel Panthers long time friend Spyder, who looked like he had just stepped out of a Motley Crue tribute band performance right onto the Steel Panther stage!

Looking like a “rotund” version of Nikki Sixx, Spyder quickly quieted any critics by laying down some scorching bass lines during “Just Like Tiger Woods”.  After a little “ribbing“ about his appearance, Spyder melded with the band and worked through a smoking version of “Shout at the Devil” and Ozzy Osbournes classic, “Crazy Train”

Steel Panther © John Swider

The nevery ending debauchery continued when the band pulled as many “willing” females onstage for Def Leppards “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. In typical Steel Panther fashion, the raucous females began dancing like they were at one of the famous strip clubs on Sunset Strip and you guessed right, the tops began coming off!

As the night drew to a close, it was time for some vintage Steel Panther. After a ripping version of Van Halens “Unchained” and the now classic “Gloryhole”, the band returned to the stage to destroy what ever was left with a scorching version of “Death to All but Metal.”

Sure these guys are sometimes a satire of other rock and roll bands, but at the end they are damn good musicians. Steel Panther has a goodtime on stage and they make sure their fans do to. Jokes and comedy aside, these guys rock and they know how to do it well, consistantly. Rumor has it a new album is in the works, and if the passion Steel Panther displays onstage comes through on the new disc, it will be a winner.

For a good time call……your closet venue and buy a ticket for a Steel Panther show. It’s the best time money can buy!

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