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An Intimate Evening with Shinedown @ House Of Blues Orlando

Orlando, Florida (December 27, 28, 29, 2018)Shinedown Attention Attention World Tour House Of Blues Orlando, Orlando, FL

When a band as huge as Shinedown comes to town, the local arena is guaranteed to sell out. With more top ten singles than any other rock band and tied for first place with Van Halen for most number one hits by a rock band it’s no surprise that this happens. Now that their latest release Attention Attention has hit number one, a tour was inevitable. Instead of hitting the local arena, they decided to have a three night intimate show at Orlando’s House Of Blues. Each night of this sell out event would be a different show.
It’s the first night of a three night stay, and the House Of Blues is packed. The only way they could fit more people in the place is if they let them on stage. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was wondering what was in store for them tonight. With this being billed as an Intimate Night with Shinedown, there would be no opening acts. The stage would only belong to Shinedown. With a vast collection of hit singles, they would have no problems being able to fill the night with unforgettable music. Finally, when the curtain lifted and the guys in Shinedown took the stage, all questions would soon be answered. When the band launched into “Devour”, the crowd erupted. With 2018 being the tenth anniversary of the release of Sound Of Madness, the band decided that tonight they would play the album in order, in its entirety. Even drummer Barry Kerch’s drum kit payed tribute to the album as the heads of both bass drums were painted to look like the album cover. This was the first time they had ever played one of their albums in whole. Everyone definitely got a rare treat tonight. The energy that Shinedown brought to the stage was unbelievable. For a band that is used to playing in arenas, they brought that same larger than life atmosphere to the House Of Blues. With a stage almost completely devoid of monitors, wires and such, and only their amps and a piano towards the back of the stage, this gave the band plenty of space to move and entertain the fans. And entertain they did! With Brent Playing to the crowd and interacting with Zach and Eric throughout the show, you could easily sense they were not only in the moment, but truly enjoying the moment as well. After they were done playing the album, the band took a brief break and came back out and kicked off things with their current number one single “Devil” from Attention Attention. After this, they dove right into another of their many hits “Diamond Eyes” off of the deluxe reissued version of Sound of Madness and the movie The Expendables soundtrack. It was amazing just how loudly the crowd was singing along to that song. If you thought Shinedown was going to let up for a second you would be wrong. They kept their foot on the gas and tore into “Cut The Cord”. Next, they played their latest single “Get Up” and they followed it up with “Enemies”. Now it was time to pick up the acoustic guitars when they played “Amaryllis”. While Brent Smith didn’t do a lot of talking between songs, now was his time to speak. First off, he thanked the local radio station WJRR for supporting the band right from the very beginning. He told the story of how when they first were getting started that they received no support. They couldn’t get on a tour, no one would interview them, and one reviewer said they would be lucky to sell four albums. Not only did he thank WJRR for being the first station to support them, but he also said to everyone Don’t fear your failures! When he was done, they launched into an acoustic version of “Simple Man”. The final song of the night came from Attention Attention and it was “Brilliant”.
The title of last song of the night summed everything. It truly was a brilliant performance. Without the use of pyro or anything else, the guys in Shinedown blew the crowd away with just their performance and stage presence. For all the extremely lucky fans in attendance they will have memories of this show for years to come. For fans of this band seeing them in such an intimate setting is a dream come true, and to think this was just the first of three shows. The question now is what’s next for the second and third show!

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It’s the second night of an exclusive intimate three night stand with multi-platinum recording stars Shinedown at The House of Blues Orlando. The previous night to the love of the sold out crowd, they played The Sound Of Madness in its entirety, plus many of their other hit singles. Rumors were swirling as to what they would do for tonight’s show. If it was possible the capacity crowd seemed even bigger. With plenty of familiar faces dotting the crowd, no one wanted to miss this rare event. As the curtain pulled back, the stage was set with several stools and a smaller drum kit setup next to Barry Kerch’s usual drums. When everyone came out with acoustic instruments, all questions were answered. This night was a huge set of their hits played acoustically! First up was “Fly From the Inside” off of Leave a Whisper. What a kick off! This song translated so well and of course they played it brilliantly! They followed it with a song from Amaryllis, “Unity”. At this point Brent told the crowd that bassist Eric Bass and guitarist Zach Myers are in charge of putting the setlist together. He then said that they changed the list ten minutes before show time, so the next song was a surprise for him. He then told the crowd the reason for the change was that Eric didn’t remember his part, then Brent went on to praise him for being a true professional and admitting this and wanting this show to be perfect. At this point, you knew that not only was the music going to be different but the whole feel of the show would be different. The band then went on to play a stunning version of “Through The Ghost”. Indeed, the vibe of the show was far more relaxed. It almost felt as though this wasn’t so much a concert, but good friends getting together and enjoying the music. The banter between the Brent, Zach and Eric throughout the evening was fun and relaxed. They went on to play “Second Chance”, and “Pyro”. At this point Zach and Eric were joking that the black pants that they were wearing were too tight, and that they actually weren’t pants but painted on. Brent chimed in that that is not the image the dudes in the audience wanted to see! When it came time to play “Bully” Brent was saying that when this song came out Bullying was coming to the forefront of the media, but that it had been around for a lot longer. He said that everyone was saying that it is something you’ll get past and that you’ll get over it. But that isn’t what he said you should do. He said stand up to it and don’t take it! The audience cheered loudly at his powerful and passionate stand on this. The rest of the set included “In Memory”, an absolutely mind blowing version of “Heroes”, a personal favorite “Misfits”, “How Did You Love”, a huge crowd favorite in “Simple Man”, “Call Me”, and finally “Cut The Cord”. After this, most shows would be done, and the crowd would be happy and have had a great show. But tonight, things would be different. After a brief break the guys came back on stage and instead having the acoustic instruments, they had their electric guitars and Barry took his place behind his regular drum kit. The relaxed fun part of the night was officially over and now it was time for a Rock show!! And a rock show they delivered. In an instant they turned up the dial on their energy level to 11 and launched into their latest number one hit “Devil”. Everyone fed off of that energy and was cheering and singing along. Without a second to give everyone a breather they launched into another favorite “Diamond Eyes”. After this Brent went into the crowd and said this was a rock show and when I count to three, I want everyone to jump. He got back on stage told everyone to put their phones away, counted to three and at that moment they launched into “Enemies” As the entire crowd started to jump. You could feel the whole building shake as every single person of the capacity crowd was jumping. The next selection they performed was their newest single “Get Up” from their latest number one album Attention Attention. The final song of this amazing evening was “Sound Of Madness”.
With yet another amazing show under their belts, Shinedown left the crowd breathless and satisfied. No one expected this two shows within one show that they pulled off. Once again, this was a rare treat that just a fraction of Shinedown’s worldwide fanbase. To think, there is still one more night of brilliant music and surprises in store for the lucky few who managed to get tickets to this event.

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It’s the last night of this special three night intimate performance by Shinedown at the House Of Blues in Orlando Florida. The previous two nights proved to be truly special events. With the band not only showing a different side of themselves, but also entertaining the crowd with some of their deep cuts and playing fan favorites acoustically. Tonight, Shinedown’s setlist would be decided by the fans in attendance. Everyone that was showing up tonight was asked to make a sign with the name of the song they wanted to hear, and the band would pick from all of the choices that they saw. As this wouldn’t be practical for the opening number, this would be up to the band. When they curtain pulled back, first Zach Myers came to the stage playing the opening chords to the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic song that they’ve adopted “Simple Man” on an acoustic guitar. Then Brent Smith came out and just the two of them performed this song. Half way through, they kicked it into the electric and the rest of the band joined in. When they got done, Brent explained to the audience the guys in the band would take turns picking songs from all the signs. So now it was time for the guys to pick. The house lights came up and of course all the signs shot up in the air. The first song to be chosen was “I Dare You”. After a minute of getting themselves setup to perform, they dove right in and of course played this classic song to perfection. As Eric Bass looked out at all the signs, he remarked that there was a lot of classic songs, but he wanted to do something new. So, his choice was “Black Soul” off their latest album Attention Attention. With the choices that everyone was making, not only did Zach and Eric have to change instruments, but Barry had to change drum kits too. He would leave his one kit on the upper riser and go to his smaller kit down below and next to it. Brent had a laugh at this and said that they are making choices based on making Barry move every two songs. The next choice was another new song “Monsters”. After this they chose some older material in “.45”, “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide”, and “Miracle”. The next song they picked was definitely a rarity. To say you’ve heard Shinedown perform “Her Name Is Alice” would put you in a very rare collection of fans. That they were willing to play one of their older songs that was the movie soundtrack Almost Alice, speaks volumes about their abilities as musicians, and their desire to give their fans a truly memorable show. They went on to choose some classic songs next in “Shed Some Light”, and “Save Me” both from the 2005 release Us And Them. At one point during their debate as to what song to choose next Brent mentioned Bel Biv Devoe and said that Zach could do a great version of one of their songs. With that Zach grabbed a mike and started to sing one of their songs and dance around the stage. It was obvious that they were enjoying this night just as much as every fan in the place. They followed this up with “Misfits, “Heroes”, “Call Me”, and the last fan choice of the night “Second Chance”. After this, it was time for a little break for the band. When they came back on stage, it was time for the rest of the show to be more conventional. They lead things off with their number one hit single “Devil”. Then they followed it up with “Diamond Eyes” which had the crowd singing boom-lay boom-lay BOOM! At the tops of their lungs. Of course, they couldn’t let the energy level down for a second and they dove into “Cut The Cord”. They played the latest single “Get Up”, which had everyone singing along right from the first note. The final two songs of the night were “Enemies” and “Brilliant” When they were done, as they had done the previous two nights they tossed setlists, picks and even the shirts off their backs. But this time, they took the time to autograph stuff for the fans and shake hands with everyone in the front of the audience.
What another great night Shinedown put on for its fans. By doing a fan request show, it shows how brave and talented this band is. They were definitely up for the challenge and risk of possibly playing rare songs that they wouldn’t remember. But they pulled it off brilliantly and every fan there is now in a small community of people that helped to choose a Shinedown setlist. With each night being different from the previous, they managed to keep things fun and unique for the lucky few who could attend this rare set of shows. If there is ever a chance that Shinedown does something like this ever again, do what ever it takes to be part of this experience.



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