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Poison The Parish Tour with Seether, Tremonti, Big Story, and Veio at the House Of Blues

Orlando, Florida (September 30, 2018) – Have you ever dreamed of seeing one of your favorite bands take some time off from arenas and come to a small venue, and bring along some great acts with them as well? If you were at The House of Blues in Orlando, FL. on Sunday September 30th then you were lucky enough to catch Seether on their Poison The Parish tour. Along with Seether; Tremonti, Big Story, and Veio filled out this great night of music.
The first act to take the stage on this high-octane night of music, was newcomers Veio. Hailing from Portland, OR. this foursome does not look the part of relative newcomers to the national scene. They look like seasoned professionals and sharing the stage with the major acts did nothing to faze them. Made up of Cameron Byrd on guitars and handling vocals, his brother Brett Byrd on drums, Kris Lewis on bass, and Trae Davis the lead guitarist. The best way to describe their sound is progressive rock with undertones of grunge. Playing a short set which was made up songs from their debut album Infinite Light/Desperate Shadows, their set included “Leviathan”, “Structures”, “Ghost”, and “In Peril”. My only complaint was their set was too short! This was a great way to open the night and put the other bands on notice that they need to bring their “A” game to the stage.

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The next band to take the stage was Big Story. Based out of Dallas, TX this quintet is made up of Randall Stephens the vocalist, Jovan Santos on guitars, Dave Perez on guitars, Pat Seals on bass, and drummer Ross Rubio. These guys seamlessly intertwine the angst of alternative with the sound of progressive rock. They were definitely a high energy act! With their bass player jumping off the riser on the set and even at one point going to rail and playing right in front of the crowd.

Now it was time for one of the great guitarists out there today to show the crowd his stuff. To a cheering crowd, Mark Tremonti and his band Tremonti took the stage. His band is also made up of some of the most top musicians around. With Garrett Whitlock on drums, Eric Friedman on guitars, and bassist Tanner Keegan, these guys make up one hell of band. With this being his home town, you could tell that the packed house was thrilled to be seeing him. If you are one of the few to not know his name, he arrived on the scene with his multi-platinum band Creed. Then went on to form his next project the equally successful band Alter Bridge. When Alter Bridge is not on their touring and recording cycle, he fronts his own band Tremonti. When it finally came time for him play he opened his set with “Cauterize”. Wow! With fleet fingers flying across his guitar he absolutely mesmerized the crowd with his wizardry. As his set continued, he continued it with “You Waste Your Time”, “Another Heart”, “Things I’ve Seen”, then he played his hit single “Trust” from his latest album A Dying Machine. While there is no question that he is one of the premier guitarists alive, he is also a great singer. His voice conveyed passion and energy that suited all his songs to perfection. The rest of his set consisted of “So You’re Afraid”, “Flying Monkeys”, “Take You With Me”, “Lions”, “A Dying Machine”, and “Wish You Well” was the last song of this amazing set. For sure Tremonti left the crowd breathless with his complete mastery of his instrument and his incredible songs.

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Finally, it was time for Seether to take the stage. Its not often that a band that can play an arena comes to a small venue. Which helps to explain why the House Of Blues was absolutely packed. After the crews did the change over everyone was buzzing as to what they were going to see. The energy was simply through the roof. Finally, the lights dimmed, and the band took to the stage. Founded in 1999 in South Africa, the band is made up of Shaun Morgan guitarist and singer, Dale Stewart the bassist, drummer John Humphrey, and guitarist Corey Lowery. Leading off with their hit song “Stoke The Fire”, the crowd was loving every second of it and was singing along word for word. With lighting that could easily be at home in an arena the stage show was a perfect fit for the mod that their songs set. With a setlist that looked like a greatest hits album they continued the night playing “Gasoline”, “Let You Down”, “Truth”, “Words As Weapons”, “Nobody’s Praying”, “Save Today”, “Country Song”, and “Fine Again”. When they played “Broken” the only members to stay on stage were Shaun Morgan and Corey Lowery. This version was stripped down, acoustic, and had a haunting moody feel to it that made this song a standout among everything they played. Their show continued with “Rise Above”, “Betray And Degrade”; a great version of “Fake It” with the led video screens on stage playing a video of a fat man in a tiny bikini bottom dancing by poolside really provided the crowd with plenty of laughs. The final song of the night was “Remedy” which of course was played to perfection.

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What a great night of music that all the groups supplied to the crowd. From hot newcomers Veio to seasoned professionals Seether, this night had it all. Of course, there is no denying that Tremonti is a force to be reckoned with as well, and his talent certainly proves it. If the Poison The Parish tour makes a stop nearby do yourself a favor and make sure you catch it.



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