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Jonathan Davis + The Birthday Massacre + Julien K

When you hear the name Jonathan Davis, you automatically think of the ground-breaking band he sings for Korn. Throughout their career they have had multiple platinum albums and have toured the world playing to massive crowds in the biggest arenas. When Jonathan Davis released his solo effort Black Labyrinth, everyone was excited for a tour. When it was announced, and revealed that it would be club dates, sold out venues would soon follow. Supporting him on tour would be The Birthday Massacre, and Julien K.
If you aren’t familiar with Julien K, this electronic/industrial band was a side project of lead singer Ryan Shuck and guitarist Amir Derakh from their time in the 90’s band Orgy. When Orgy disbanded Julien K became their primary focus. From the moment they took the stage you could tell that these guys were seasoned pros. Their set was outstanding and filled with high energy. Everyone in the crowd was thrilled when they played a cover of New Orders song “Blue Monday”.

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The next support act up was The Birthday Massacre. This female fronted band hails from London Ontario. Their line up consists of Chibi the vocalist, rhythm guitarist Rainbow, lead guitarist Falcore, drummer Rhim, keyboardist Owen, and bass player Nate Manor. They did a great job of keeping the energy up. With lead singer Chibi being a ball of energy and in constant motion.

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So far, these two acts alone were worth coming out to see. Finally, it was time for Jonathan Davis to take the stage. With a band made up of Chris Nix in guitar, Ray Luzier on drums, Brian Allen on upright bass, Jonathan Davis has assembled an outfit of top-notch musicians. As he took to the stage dressed in all black and bathed in a sea of red lights, the crowd cheered its approval. Opening the set, he sang “Underneath My Skin” from his latest solo endeavor Black Labyrinth. For sure his distinctive voice was on point. Without skipping a beat, they dove right into “Everyone”, also from his latest solo album. This was not a night to hear Korn material, as Jonathan Davis wanted to showcase his solo material. Out of his entire 15 song set, only one song didn’t come from his latest album. That one song is what he closed out the main part of his set, and that was a cover of the classic Neil Diamond song “Love On The Rocks”. When it came time for the encore, the first song he played was his hit single “What It Is”. The final song of the night was “Happiness”.
What a memorable night of great music that was created by all the bands. Julien K provided an exciting set that had an industrial vibe to it that was mesmerizing. Of course, The Birthday Massacre with their high energy set made for a fun night. But the night truly belonged to Jonathan Davis. His intimate performance drew the crowd in and he held them there all night long. While he didn’t play any of his material from Korn, His solo album Black Labyrinth was worthy of having a night of just that material being performed.

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Tampa, Florida (November 4, 2018)

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