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Frank Turner Brings the Be More Kind World Tour, wsg Lucero and The Menzingers to the The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit, M

Detroit, MI (May 31, 2018)Frank Turner brings the Be More Kind World Tour, wsg Lucero, and The Menzingers to The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit, MI

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Do you like punk? Do you miss punk rock shows the way they used to be? The way you remember them from back in your 20’s? Enter The Menzingers. It’s kind of the way I felt, and to be honest, it was the general vibe of the crowd. It’s not too often you walk into a show and find the majority of the crowd to be exactly the same age as you. Regardless, they delivered. Though I’ve known about to the group for years, hearing them always does take me back to when I first discovered them. It was a damn good time jumping around and getting a little rowdy with the crowd.


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Lucero took to the stage next blending a smoky raspy voice with country blues-inspired sound. A definite change of pace from the louder hardcore sounds 20 minutes earlier. The crowd though, you would have thought every single person in the room was a lifelong fan. Undoubtedly more mellow, the crowds vibe changed along with the music. The transition was perfect, it almost lulled you into forgetting that Frank Turner was up next.




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The lights dimmed, the strobes flashed, and if you blinked… you missed it. Frank Turner ran onto stage so quick that had your eyes been anywhere but the center mic, you wouldn’t have seen him hit the stage. It wasn’t seconds later that spit was flying from Frank’s mouth, the crowd was back to jumping around, and everything was amped up to 11.

Starting things off with favorites like, “Get Better” and “Recovery“, you couldn’t help but jump around with everyone. The energy Frank was putting off was palpable, it felt like time slowed every single time he jumps in the air and stood there frozen. It wasn’t too long before he slowed things down with a solo version of “Get It Right“. As varied as the sounds were, you can’t expect a Frank Turner show without him in the crowd, right? Because that is exactly what he did. From where I stood I couldn’t tell if he was crowd surfing or just making everyone around him move vertically, but why would you picture it any other way?

Frank is amazing. From the blend of punk to acoustic to nearly breaking out into tears on stage, it’s hard to explain the level of emotion he brings to every single performance. A love for what he does shows in everything, including keeping track of the total number of shows performed on Instagram. 2,180 is the official number after correcting 2,179 on his Instagram account the day after the show.

Show 2179, Detroit. Great to be back on the road in the USA.

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If you missed him this time around on the #bemorekind world tour, make sure you’re there next time. An unforgettable performance put on during his first night on tour in the U.S. You know how to throw a real banger, Frank. Hats off to you!

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