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Fozzy Judas Rising Tour with Adelitas Way, Stone Broken and The Stir @ The House Of Blues, Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida (September 27, 2018) – Tonight, Fozzy and their Judas Rising tour hit the House Of Blues in Orlando, FL. Along with Fozzy, Stone Broken, The Stir and Adelitas Way were also on tap for the night. With those four bands sharing the stage for an evening, you know not only will the music be awesome, but you will also have an equally awesome time as well! Judging by the crowd filling the House Of Blues, everyone was excited to have a great night of rock n’ roll!

The first band to take the stage was The Stir, hailing from Atlanta, GA. This trio is made up of Andrew Evans the lead singer and guitarist, bass player, Tanner Hendon, and Cheney Brannon on drums. Having never heard of these guys, I didn’t know what to expect. When Evans hit the first couple chords my ears perked right up; these guys rock!! Playing songs from their self-titled EP, not only was I impressed with their songs, but they are also great musicians as well. A great sign that an opening band is doing well is when the crowd stops talking and looking at their phones to get into what the group is putting out, and that is exactly what happened. The crowd was really enjoying their set.


After They were done, the next band, Stone Broken, came all the way from the UK to join the tour. With two full-length albums under their belt, they are starting to get a good following. Stone Broken is made up of Rich Moss the lead singer and guitarist, Chris Davis the other guitarist, Keiron Conroy the bass player, and Robyn Hancock on drums. When they took the stage, you could tell that they were thrilled to be there.; it’s joy like that, that can’t be faked. Their set borrowed heavily from their latest album, Ain’t Always Easy, which included “Heartbeat Away“, “Doesn’t Matter“, “I Believe“, “Let Me See It All“, “Anyone“, “Home“, and “Worth Fighting For“. The final song of their time on stage was “Not Your Enemy” from their debut album, All In Time. Usually when there are bands on the bill that not many people have heard of, sometimes there can be a letdown – but not tonight! After Stone Broken left the stage the crowd was talking about how good both bands were so far.


Now it was Adelitas Way’s time to play. This was definitely a band that people wanted to see. The venue was filled and the rail at the front of the stage was absolutely packed. These Las Vegas-based rockers have been putting out great music since 2006, and now it was time for the crowd to hear them play. When Rick DeJesus took the stage he immediately tore into their latest single, “Still Hungry“. They followed it up with two more of their big hits, “Ready For War“, and “Bad Reputation“. Wow! What a way to start the show. There is no question that this is a polished band that knows how to deliver the goods. They continued their time on stage with “Alive“, “Last Stand“, “Citizen Jam“, and “Sick“. At this point, DeJesus was talking to the crowd about the history of the band and introducing the next song as their biggest hit to date, “Notorious“. The final song they played was their breakout hit, “Invincible“. The night was now three-for-three. Every band delivered and left the fans wanting more.


Finally, it was time for Fozzy to hit the stage. This was what the crowd was waiting to see. While everyone was waiting, people would chant “Fozzy, Fozzy”. This five-piece band is made up of guitarist Rich Ward, Frank Fontsere the drummer, bassist Paul DiLeo, guitarist Billy Grey, and singer/WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho. Finally, the band that everyone wanted to see took to the stage with loud cheers and tons of excitement. From this point on they kept going full throttle. With Ward doing endless jumps as well as providing blistering guitar solos, he alone was amazing. With every song they performed, the audience was singing note-for-note, even when they played a cover of the ABBA song “S.O.S“. All throughout the show they fed off the energy of the audience and of course the audience loved every second of it.

During the show, Jericho told the packed house that this was the biggest crowd that Fozzy has played to as a headliner. The entertainment continued when they played their song “Do You Want to Start a War“, Jericho pulled out a CO2 gun and was shooting out big plumes of white smoke. When it came time to play their last song, Chris said that everyone knows when a band leaves the stage the crowd chants their name and the band comes out and plays one more song. Well tonight he asked everyone to pretend that the guys were leaving the stage and to pretend they weren’t there and to chant for them. He then covered his face with a towel. As everyone continued to scream “Fozzy” he finally took the towel off his face and tossed it into the crowd. They played their final song of the night, “Sandpiper“, as the crowd continued their cheering.


Tonight, was a night of unabashed fun and great music. Every band that played brought their best to the stage. While everyone was loving the music that The Stir, Stone Broken, and Adelitas Way was playing and let those bands know how much they were appreciated, the night clearly belonged to Fozzy. While The Judas Rising Tour may be coming to an end, make sure when Fozzy comes to your town go see them!

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