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Album Review: Seether “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”


It has been three years since South African rockers Seether released their last album “Poison The Parish”. Well the mates from Pretoria have spent the ensuing years fittingly, crafting the eight in their discography “Sis Vic Pacem, Para Bellum” which translates to “If You Want Peace, Prepare For War”. Just like the rest of the albums in their catalog, it is chock full of hard hitting songs that are exquisitely crafted and designed to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Kicking things off is “Dead and Done”. Chock full of distorted guitars and vocals, this angst ridden song deftly rides the duality that only Seether knows how to create; on one hand they expose the toxicity of someone while at the same time finding catharsis. Next up is “Bruised And Bloody”. The song starts with Dale Stewart delivering a strong bass line. When it is time for Shawn Morgan to sing, he launches into the angry lyrics and performs them in an almost buoyant fashion. With a highly addictive chorus that will be stuck in the back of your brain, this track is one of the gems on this album.

“Can’t Go Wrong” highlights what Seether can do when they are at their absolute best. Deftly mixing an almost dreamlike delivery of the verse with lyrics expressing fear or dread, then with the flip of switch Morgan delivers the choruses with ferocity and pure determination. To a lesser extent “Buried In the Sand” is delivered in the same way. While it is easy to say these songs have strong similarities, “Can’t Go Wrong” demands to be performed that way because of the juxtaposition of the chorus and verse. While “Buried In The Sand “ uses the tension that builds in the music to take the listener on the journey.

One of the most primal tracks on the album is “Beg”. With a chorus that Shawn Morgan delivers with a half snarl, half scream, he is clearly wearing his metal and punk roots on his sleeve. The anger and energy delivered on this track is undeniable and relenting. The last song of the thirteen tracks on the album is “Written In Stone”. In the same type of push pull vain of the album, it is a quiet song with clean guitars, yet lyrically it hits as hard as any of the songs on this collection.

Much has changed in the world in the past three years. But, one of the few things that has remained unchanged is Seether’s ability to craft an impeccable album. With lyrics that range from insightful to pure anger and music to match the pace, Seether has added a worthy addition to an already impressive  discography. With a vulnerability that few are eager to display, Shawn Morgan has proven that he is one of the best songwriters out there and he is willing to go places emotionally that few dare. Whether you are a long time fan of Seether, or are new to them, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum is a ride you will be more than willing to go on over and over again.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum track listing:

1.   Dead and Done

2.   Bruised and Bloodied

3.   Wasteland

4.   Dangerous

5.   Liar

6.   Can’t Go Wrong

7.   Buried in the Sand

8.   Let It Go

9.   Failure

10.  Beg

11.  Drift Away

12.  Pride Before The Fall

13.   Written In Stone


Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum will be available in CD, vinyl and digital download formats.

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