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Album Review: “Heart to Find” After Wednesday

“Heart to Find” carves a new path for St. Louis band After Wednesday. The trio brings you a new single “Heart to Find” on November 15th, following up the summer releases of 19“, “20“, and “21. More uptempo from the summer releases “Heart to Find” find some haunting echoes to trigger those goosebumps and get your emotions going. “Heart to Find” carries different guitar sounds, synthesizers, and deeply layered vocals, which attributes to the rich composition and staying power of the song.

Superbly mixed vocals and instrumentals added to the anthemic sound of “Heart to Find.” Taking their music to the next level, “Heart to Find” was recorded with Engineer and Producer Michael Bivens, at Redwood Studios in Bethalto, IL. Lead singer and guitarist Patrick Wilson says of his decision to change producers; “We decided that in order to take this song in a new direction, we wanted to change up the atmosphere a bit.” It was certainly effective, After Wednesday advances to the next round with “Heart to Find” – a playlist friendly single about “the concept of uncertainty that we as humans naturally face, and trying to allow yourself to trust your own self.” While toting a heavy theme the beat and music keeps you afloat, inspiring us to stand tall, knowing we can control our own destiny.  

When asked ‘Will “Heart to Find” be part of a full length album?’ Wilson replied ‘“Heart to Find” is a one of a kind song. It stands alone, but is another step to our overall sound. When we changed our name to After Wednesday at the beginning of the year, we came in with “Tattoo.” After that we released “19“, “20“, and “21.” Now, we have “Heart to Find.” We want every release to be progressively moving forward, which we really feel like we’ve came a long way from; when we first started busting out covers in Jack’s basement. But, we have a lot more to go as a group and as individuals. We have a lot of ideas and projects in the works, and you better believe we are ready to go back and record more. So, there’s more to come soon, I just can’t give an exact time when. Stay tuned!”  Between digging deeper in the lyrical construct to elevating the recording and mixing process at Redwood Studios, “Heart to Find” strikes gold.

After Wednesday is Patrick Wilson, Bennett Smallwood, and Jack Kellett

After Wednesday:    

Michael Bivens Producer: Redwood Studios   


 Journalist: Jessi McKee

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