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The Revivalists + Roosevelt Collier

St. Petersburg, Florida (April 11, 2018) – It’s 6:30 on a warm and sunny evening in Saint Petersburg, FL, bring their Against All Odds Tour to Jannus Live and the sold-out crowd is already lined up around the block to hear the band that Rolling Stone magazine hailed as one of the Ten Bands You Need to Know, The Revivalists, with support of Roosevelt Collier.The excitement to hear this septet from the Big Easy was palpable; it seemed as though everyone knew that they were going to be in for a great show tonight.

Opening for The Revivalists was Roosevelt Collier. Miami, Florida’s own Roosevelt Collier may be a soft-spoken man, but he is fierce when it comes to playing the pedal steel guitar. Throughout his blistering set, he displayed complete mastery of his instrument, stretching the boundaries of what you expected to hear. Collier has certainly redefined how to use this tool and his set alone would make for a great evening.

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Up next was the band that everyone came to see, The Revivalists. Formed in 2007, this seven-piece band consists of David Shaw (lead vocalist), Zack Fienberg (guitar), George Gekas (bass), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), Ed Williams (pedal steel guitar), Andrew Campanelli (drums), and Michael Giradot (keyboards and trumpet). Their self-titled EP, The Revivalists, was released in 2008. This was followed up by their sophomore effort, Vital Signs, in 2010. In 2012 they self-released the album City Of Sound. Men Amongst Mountains is their most current album, which was released in 2015. From this album came their biggest hit to date “Wish I Knew You“, which hit number one on the Billboard US Alternative Rock Chart in 2016.

The show opened up with “You and I“.

Shaw’s soulful voice and passion revved up the packed house. Several times during the song he left the stage to come down to the rail, to the delight of the audience. As the show went on they played songs such as “Bulletproof“, “All in the Family“, “Amber“, and “Move On“. When it came time to play “Stand Up“, every member of the band had their moment to shine. After a brilliant keyboard intro by Giradot, guitarists Fienberg and Williams led the song while saxophonist, Ingraham, soloed alongside Giradot, now playing the trumpet. The rhythm section of Gekas and Campanelli were right on and provided a perfect backdrop for the band.

After playing “Keep Going“, “Got Love“, “Catching Fireflies“, “It Was a Sin“, and “Criminal“, it was time to slow things down with the bluesy number, “Need You“. Shaw wrung every ounce of emotion out of that song and had the audience completely entranced. Next up was their biggest hit, Wish I Knew You“; when the first notes started to play the crowd erupted and sang along word-for-word.

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After a brief break for the band, they came out for their first encore starting off with a song from their 2012 album, City of Sound, “B.T.B.D.” which was followed up with “Fade Away“. As the audience was thinking that the show was over, to everyone’s surprise, they came back for one more song,, “Refugee” by Tom Petty – it was an absolutely brilliant cover! Shaw’s voice was a perfect fit for the song and the band was spot on! I’m sure Tom was smiling down from Heaven and giving The Revivalists a nod of approval. All through the night the audience danced, cheered, and swayed to every note that was played and every word that was sung.

The tour will continue on with more dates – check them out HERE.     

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