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The Ctrl + Alt + Del Tour Featuring Sleeping With Sirens Comes To The House Of Blues Orlando

Orlando, Fl. (July 27th, 2022)

As Kellin Quinn, the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens, looked out into the packed House Of Blues in Orlando Florida, all he could say was “Damn Orlando, you go hard”. Yes, it was that kind of night there where you couldn’t help but notice the craziness and tons of energy. Then again, it should be no surprise as the Alt-Click-Delete tour featuring Sleeping With Sirens along with Don Broco, Point North, and Garzi has been tearing up the country with a string of sold out dates and leaving a trail of sweaty, exhausted, and very satisfied fans in their wake.

Garzi kicked off the festivities in front of a jam packed crowd. This high energy trio is still an emerging act. Yet the combination of rap and rock that they threw out to the audience wasn’t just well received, they were really into them. With people in the crowd singing along to their songs, they are really growing their fan base. With the performance they put on it’s easy to see why they are gaining a following.

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The youth movement of the tour continued with Point North. This was another high energy trio, but these guys are a bit more established with two albums under their collective belts. These guys while still young to scene have already picked up a healthy following, and their fans let the band know they were there for them on this night.  From the moment they kicked things off with “Never Coming Home” everyone was singing along with them. As many of the fans knew, Sleeping With Sirens lead singer Kellin Quinn lent his voice to Point North for their latest track “Into The Darkness.”. So when it came time in the set to play it, he graciously came out on stage with Point North and performed it with them giving all the fans a real treat.

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While the previous bands were entertaining, the real fun of the night started when Don Broco hit the stage. This British foursome while well known in the UK have been working on breaking big here in the states with their brand of alt-rock. From the moment they made their way onto the stage they radiated an infectious energy. Their opening song “Everybody” was a perfect introduction to their music with its sharp guitar work provided by guitarist Simon Delaney, and singer Rob Damiani’s near nonstop dancing.  But that would just be the warmup for the rest of their set. They would continue with the party playing “Uber” with its hypnotic beat, and “Come Out To LA”. In one of the most fun moments of their performance Simon Delaney came out into the audience on a crew members shoulders while playing guitar during their performance of “Bruce Willis”.

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With the crowd good and warmed up courtesy of the three openers, it was now time for the band that everyone was thrilled to see, Sleeping With Sirens. As this was a sort of a homecoming show, being that the band was formerly based here in Orlando the beyond packed show was revved up for the show to begin. With the stage bathed in blue light drummer Matty Best took to his kit and pounded out the opening fills to “Break Me Down” as his band mates dashed onto the stage and joined him in the song. With their most recent release being How It Feels To Be Lost back in 2019, you had to know this album would figure heavily into tonight’s performance.

Breathlessly the band ripped through “Leave It All Behind”, “Never Enough” and “Talking To Myself”. Through every song the energy they gave out to their fans was thoroughly loved and reciprocated. No matter how much Kellin Quinn and company ratcheted things up their rabid fans equaled things. It was at this point, that the crowd surfing started to kick in. One after another in waves fans took the ride towards the front on top of everyone. During “Agree To Disagree” Quinn even called for a wall of death which everyone there did with gusto. As he would say afterwards “Damn Orlando, you go hard” which all the fans took as a badge of honor.

The band still had a couple of treats in store for everyone. Besides playing the two singles “Bloody Knuckles” and “Crosses” off of their up coming album Complete Collapse, Quinn related to the audience that during the bands meet and greet, a very special lady requested “The Strays” and the band obliged her by adding it to the show. They followed it up with a very nicely done acoustic cover of the Goo Goo Dolls hit “Iris”. In one of the coolest moments of the night, Quinn directed the fans to come in tight and get their arms up. When they all did that, Quinn dove out into the crowd all while singing the final song of the night “If You Can’t Hang”.

As always Sleeping With Sirens didn’t disappoint. With a set chock full of classics, new songs, and even a cover tune they had every base covered, and they were performed perfectly with tons of energy. From the moment the night started to the last song, every band brought their best game to make this night and the whole Ctrl + Alt + Del tour a success.

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