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Myles Kennedy + Walking Papers @ The Beacham, Orlando, FL

  • Orlando, Florida (December 5th, 2018) – Myles Kennedy Walking Papers The Beacham, Orlando, FL

On March 19th 2018 Myles Kennedy the lead singer of Alter Bridge released his first solo album Year Of The Tiger to rave reviews. Whenever a new record comes out, everyone knows a tour is going to happen. When it was announced that it was going to be in small venues, the opportunity to see Myles in an intimate setting made this a show not to be missed. Supporting Myles Kennedy on this tour is Walking Papers who also are out supporting their sophomore effort titled WP2.
With a huge line outside the Beacham Theatre in Orlando Fl. no one wanted to take a chance missing this event. For everyone there, they got a chance to see two amazing performances. The first act up was Walking Papers. For those that have heard of Walking Papers know of its two famous members, bassist Duff McKagen from Guns N’ Roses and drummer Barrett Martin from the Screaming Tree’s and Mad Season. But to think that this is their band is doing them a disservice to Singer Jefferson Angell and Keyboard player Benjamin Anderson as they are the heart and soul of the band. The first song that they played was “This Is How It Ends”, an amazing song with a real twist in the lyrics. As Guns N’ Roses is out on tour, filling in for Duff McKagen was Dan Spalding. Playing a stand-up bass on this song really added a cool vibe to the song. There are times when people are just waiting for the main act to hit the stage and don’t really acknowledge the openers. As the band was playing you could see the crowd really getting into Walking Papers performance. Next, they covered “How It Feels”, a song from Jefferson Angell’s and Benjamin Anderson’s previous band The Missionary Position. What a great performance they were giving. Their blues tinged sound, with extremely well crafted songs won over the audience quickly. At one-point Jefferson hoped off the stage and worked his way through the crowd singing directly to the delighted fans. By the time they got to “Red And White”, it was clear to everyone that this band is extremely talented.

12/05/18 - Walking Papers

After their performance was done, the crowd was buzzing about just how good they were. After a break for the crews to change things over it was now time for Myles Kennedy to perform. Everyone knows Myles as the voice of hard rock outfits Alter Bridge and Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Just like his solo album, tonight he was taking a different tack. His approach tonight was rooted in the blues. With just Myles on guitars, bassist Tim Tournier, and drummer Zia Uddin this was going to be a fun performance where you get to see Myles Kennedy really stretch out and show another side of his impeccable artistry. From the moment he got on stage you could tell he was thrilled to be there with his beaming smile. When he started singing “Devil on the Wall” from his album Year Of The Tiger it was what everyone was here for, and boy did he deliver! Instead of hitting the notes he has made famous throughout his career he took a more subdued approach to match his new material and it was electrifying. As he continued his set with more songs from his latest effort such as “The Great Beyond”, “Ghost Of Shangri La”, and “Nothing But A Name”. While his singing was absolutely astounding, what everyone there also found out was as a guitarist, he has obviously learned a thing or two from Slash and Mark Tremonti as his playing was outstanding. His slide guitar work on a resonator guitar was a treat for the ears. This man is an amazing musician. The surprise of the night was when he covered “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden. With the crowd in full vocals joining him on this classic song this was a really great moment. An equal match to that was his performance of the Alter Bridge hit song “Watch Over You”. To see him perform this song live was magical. Closing out the night with “Love Can Only Heal”, the crowd loved every second of his show.

12/05/18 - Myles Kennedy

This was indeed a special night of music. Those lucky enough to get in to the show were able to see two brilliant performances. Walking Papers with their beautifully crafted songs that were performed to perfection surely grabbed many new fans this night. While Myles Kennedy was stunning. His voice is probably the greatest in all of rock music today and for sure he was on top of his game tonight. Plus, everyone got the added treat of seeing just how great a guitarist Myles Kennedy really is. When this tour comes through your area make sure to catch it.

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