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Lindsey Stirling Captivates At The Barbra Mann Performing Arts Hall

Ft. Myers, Fl. (November 28th, 2022)

As the Christmas holiday season is upon us, in what really needs to become a long standing tradition Lindsey Sterling brought her Snow Waltz tour to the Barbra Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers FL. Since rising to fame by making it to the quarter finals on America’s Got Talent, she has gone on to appear on Dancing With The Stars, and release six albums including her most recent and tour namesake Snow Waltz.

The venue was packed with a multigenerational crowd. From baby boomers to gen z and every other gen you could think of was here. Such is the draw when you are a multifaceted performer that can seemingly do it all.  From her television appearances to her huge TikTok following she truly has garnered fans of all ages.

When the venue lights dimmed, and the stage lights came up it was the moment that everyone was waiting for. The stage setup was simple. It was a small house with a drum set and keyboards on the roof. Drummer Drew Steen took his place behind his kit and guitar/keyboard player Ryan Rivero joined him. Finally the moment arrived, Lindsey Sterling danced her way on stage along with her four member dance troupe. She performed “Sleigh Ride” and “Crazy For Christmas” on her violin while dancing intricately choreographed dances with her squad.

While her violin playing and dancing are well known, Her performance of “Warmer In The Winter” introduced her more recent fans to her singing. As she was singing the song one of her crew members came on stage dressed as a Christmas tree while holding her violin.  During the song she would take the violin and perform with it. But he was more than just a stage decoration. He provided comic relief. His deadpan expression juxtaposed perfectly against the festive costume. Throughout the song he repeatedly tried to get off the stage only to be dragged back to the center.

There were more fun moments in the show as well. Lindsey let the audience know that she has names for all her violins. She introduced everyone to Peanut, the smallest violin she owns. She then brought Steen and Rivero down to the stage where she gave them Christmas gifts, which turned out to be a tiny piano and drum set.  They sat down on the stage and played a medley of Christmas standards including “Deck the Halls/Frosty the Snow Man/Jingle Bell Rock/Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and they finished up with a snippet of “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Throughout the show when she wasn’t performing she would tell the audience stories about her life. Whether it was about overcoming her stage fright, her faith, or even the loss of her father, every anecdote was heartfelt and gave the night a special intimacy. What she also did in those moments was talk about her love of all things TikTok. Of course she also got the audience in on things and filmed one too, which only added to the entertainment of the night as she really got the audience involved in it.

Not only can she sing, dance, make TikTok’s, and tell captivating stories, but she also showcased another skill from her impressive arsenal of talents. During several of the songs such as “Santa Baby”, a ring would descend for Lindsey to grab a hold of and then she would perform an intricate aerial performance as it lifted her high above the stage. Of course without missing a beat she was singing the whole time.

The Snow Waltz tour is the prefect showcase for Lindsey Sterling’s prodigious talents. It is a enchanting performance that is rich in its entertainment. As always she finds a way to outdo herself in creating this family friendly show. From the music to the costumes and choreography everything blends to create a captivating night that everyone will enjoy.

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