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Garbage at the Hard Rock Rocksino

Cleveland, OH (October 18, 2018)Garbage at the Hard Rock Rocksino with special guests Rituals of Mine. Celebrating their 20th anniversary of the sophomore album Version 2.0, Garbage is on tour with a re-release deluxe edition which includes B-sides and ultra-rarities. To the delight of their fans, Garbage is playing the album in its entirety as well as select B-side recordings during this 2018 tour.

Shirley Manson © Splice Magazine – Ron Claus

Alternative quartet Garbage has been rocking the scene for 25 years, having started their career in Wisconsin back in 1993. Far from Shirley’s home town of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Garbage in need of a frontwoman, she hooked up with band co-founders, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig. Stemming from the ethereal electronic and guitar thick landscape sounds of the day, Garbage carved their own niche by adding Shirley’s unique voice and alt-pop undertones.  This post grunge recipe along with Shirley’s strength, punk attitude, talented song writing skills and tightness of the band, launched Garbage into international stardom, having sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

Shirley Manson © Splice Magazine – Ron Claus

Entering the stage with a vibrant orange dress, a rebellious stripe across her eyes, and fiery red hair, is nothing more than pure Shirley, reminiscent of her days modeling for Calvin Klein. As the show commences with songs from Version 2.0, Shirley roars to life, squinting her eyes, pointing fingers and clenching fists all while commanding her stage presence. Playing favorites such as “Push It“, “I think I’m Paranoid” and “Special” keep the fans standing and grooving to these classic tunes. The night wouldn’t be complete without a few f-bombs here and there, wrapped by that beautiful Scottish accent. Shirley is not afraid to tell her fans what upsets her during interlude snippets between songs, and this only adds fuel to the audience with fists pumping, and select fans yelling, “Shirley, I love you!!”. The rest of the evening was pure Garbage with over-driven guitars and electronic loops, mixed in with a few B-sides including “Soldier Through This” as well as covers, such as the ’60’s punk-garage tune “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine” by freakbeat band, the Seeds. The power and attitude of Garbage remains, even after 25 years of belting out songs, this legendary band is worth seeing.


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