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Dropkick Murphys with Amigo the Devil, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Booze and Glory at The Fillmore New Orleans

New Orleans, LA (March 1st, 2019) – by Meaghan Clark

Hardcore music fans braved intense traffic and Mardi Gras parades to get to the newly opened New Orleans Fillmore music venue on Friday March 1st, to hear an unusual mix of country/punk/Celtic bands that brought energy, pride, wit and a little darkness to the stage.

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Kicking off the night was musician Danny Kiranos, also known by his alter ego, Amigo the Devil. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and banjo, this somewhat morbid man manages to straddle a very dark sense of humor and unnerving lyrics with sweet melodies that make you want to check that you’ve got that straight. Yes, he’s written songs hoping his lover’s husband dies or there’s only “One Kind of People”, people who die. His songs would be described as disturbing, were it not for the fact they’re catchy and easy to like. His cult-like following demonstrates this sort of dissonance really works.

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Following Amigo was Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, an outfit from Kingston, MA. Lenny Lashley is virtually a household name in New England gigging on his own, or with various other groups. Described as a punk/rock artist, his music could fit the roots/Americana music genre as well. His strong and slightly raspy voice is a perfect match for his guitar and harmonica, a sound you expect from a roots/rock performer. “Bruiser” is a perfect example of melodic strumming and harmonica paired with lyrics that are darker than what you’d expect.

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Booze and Glory definitely brought the punk vibe front and center at the Fillmore, with high energy music, playful posing and antics throughout their relentless, driving set. Barely taking a break between songs, the set was intense and high energy, which fans around the globe have come to expect. The band hails from London, and has been entertaining audiences everywhere for a full decade now. They formed as a straight-ahead salute to the rowdy street punk and Oi! bands of the late ‘70s and ‘80s UK scene. 

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With the crowd chanting “Let’s go Dropkick!”, the Dropkick Murphys set began with a single bagpipe player hitting the stage to bring the Celtic vibe full force. The stop in New Orleans is part of an extensive months-long series of shows, part of the St. Patrick’s Day Tour 2019. It’s a testament to their dedication and strong work ethic that a band that’s been around for 23 years can still rock a house, night after night. Their New Orleans show didn’t disappoint.

Their vast repertoire of music meant they kept a fast pace with one song after another, only stopping momentarily to take a breath or remind rowdy fans to keep their behavior in check. The band demonstrated their big hearts by dedicating one of their songs to a long since gone friend.

Their playful interactions with the crowd went beyond the usual call and response of many bands, as they invited fans to join them onstage at the end of their set. Green and white confetti was released at this moment, showering the venue with Irish pride and love.

Dropkick Murphys tour will continue up the East Coast before wrapping up in Boston on Saint Patrick’s Day. In April, the band will be heading overseas for a series of headlining shows and festivals.

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