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The Struts Rock The Fillmore Detroit on Opening Night of the Remember The Name Tour

The Strut © John Swider

Detroit,Michigan (June 16,2023)-On a steamy Friday night in the Motor City, the legendary British rock band, The Struts, kicked off their highly-anticipated “Remember the Name Tour” in grand style. With a potent setlist that blends their infectious hits with captivating new material, the band proved once again why they are considered one of the most exhilarating live acts in the business.

From the moment the first chords of the energetic anthem “Dirty Sexy Money,” exploded  from the stage, the tone for an unforgettable evening had been established. The Struts wasted no time showcasing their trademark style with lead vocalist Luke Spiller commanding the stage as a well seasoned rock ‘n’ roll frontman should. A bright smile and infectious personality with enough charisma that it challenged the illumination of the marquis announcing the bands arrival just outside the front door. The Fillmore Detroit crowd, both young and old, instantly responded to his magnetic presence, dancing and singing along to every word that permeated throughout the historic venue.

As the night got rolling, the band flawlessly transitioned between their infectious hits and lesser-known gems seamlessly and without challenge.”Body Talks” and “Fallin’ With Me” was the elixir that set the shows foundation with their catchy hooks and pulsating rhythms. Fans erupted in cheers as the band segued into the high-energy anthem “Too Good at Raising Hell,” delivering a powerful performance that had everyone jumping and pumping their fists in unison.

The Struts masterfully showcased their unique versatility with tracks like “Kiss This” and “Primadonna Like Me,” displaying their ability to infuse rock ‘n’ roll with elements of glam and pop sensibilities, creating an intoxicating yet pleasing fusion of genres. These songs provided the substance to the nights overall performance, encouraging the audience to let go and embrace the exuberance of what they were all experiencing.

The Strut © John Swider

The band’s ability to connect with their fans on a personal level was evident during the heartfelt ballad “All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go).” Luke Spiller’s emotionally charged vocals resonated throughout the venue, creating an intimate atmosphere that stood in stark contrast to the raucous energy of the previous songs. It was a moment of vulnerability that showcased the band’s depth and artistry that most rock and roll shows seem to overlook.

As the setlist progressed, The Struts unleashed a mesmerizing medley that seamlessly blended together “In Love With a Camera,” “Cool,” “Matter of Time,” “Wild Child,” “Can’t Sleep,” and “Somebody New.” This dynamic showcase demonstrated the band’s ability to transition between various musical styles while maintaining an infectious energy that enraptured the crowd.

The high energy momentum reached its zenith with the electrifying performance of “Where Did She Go,” a track that had The Struts fans once again singing back at the band at the top of their lungs. The energy in the Fillmore Detroit somehow intensified once again as the band welcomed “Pretty Vicious,” to the stage, a track that brought an extra level of raw power to the show. The blistering rendition of “Mary Go Round” and the upbeat groove of “Black Swan” had the venue shaking with emotion and was the perfect setup track for what many say might be the best song in the bands illustrious career.

The Strut © John Swider

The Struts, entrenched in the deafening roar from the fans closed the main set with the anthemic “Put Your Money on Me,” a high octane party track that features dynamic and powerful riffs along with enough evocative lyrics and catchy choruses that would make a experienced working person blush. After a short and well deserved break offstage, the band returned for a one song encore that was nothing short of explosive, delivering an over the top rendition of their hit single, “Could Have Been Me.” The audience erupted in a chorus of voices, united by the sheer passion and love for this remarkable band from across the pond.

The Struts’ opening night of the Remember the Name Tour was a night to remember for both new and seasoned fans alike. From start to finish, the band delivered an exhilarating performance that showcased their undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence. A carefully designed setlist that balanced fan favorites and exciting new material brought to life by Luke Spiller’s charismatic vocals, combined with the band’s infectious energy, created an atmosphere of pure rock ‘n’ roll bliss. The Struts proved their ability to captivate and connect with their fans in a way that other bands could only wish for Friday night in Detroit. Sure they aren’t radio stalwarts but they have catalog full of  hits and new material to build a potent setlist thats full of energy, fun and excitement that their fans crave. Remember the Name…..The Struts.

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