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The Alarm + American Professionals + Julia Othmer @ Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri (November 6, 2018)

On the crisp fall night, Off Broadway was a hopping place in the quiet neighborhood. Outside was calm, but once you walked through the doors, it was the place to be. The Alarm was bound to rock the stage and the openers, The American Professionals and Julia Othmer were bound to be just as amazing. As the dim venue filled up with concert goers, the clock ticked closer to the first set and there was a special excitement in the air.

Taking the stage first was Julia Othmer and she came ready to wow the crowd and put on the best performance; and she did just that. With just her and her piano on stage, Julia poured her heart into every song and really livened up the venue. Her voice carried perfectly with every chord of the piano. She played a song, The First Day, that held so much emotion behind it and as she performed it, she really put everything into it. Her energy and presence on stage was impressive and her attitude made her set enjoyable as she interacted and spoke with the crowd.

The next band to take the stage were the American Professionals and they really kicked off their set with a heavy guitar-pop sound. The band resides from San Francisco, CA and the last album released was Sympathetic Overdrive in 2017. They performed a few songs off of it such as In Case of Emergency, Break and Just Do Something. They really set the energy of the crowd as they performed their songs such as Just Do Something and The Story. They really had an animated set and had the crowd ready for the next and last set, The Alarm.

Finally, it came time for The Alarm to play and when they did the crowd was up to the stage, ready to rock along. They kicked off their set with Unsafe Building and had the crowd moving from song one. They very much had an alternative rock sound and if you enjoy U2 I recommend you give this band a listen. They then continued to play big hits such as Rescue Me and Spirit of ’76. As I went to the balcony to get shots it was easy to see the crowd and see how much they were moving and enjoying it. After each song the crowd showed so much love for the band and cheered them on. And the overall energy from Mike Peters as he ran from the three mics set up on stage and sang to each part of the crowd was impressive. The Alarm closed out their set with Blaze of Glory but came back to give the crowd an encore with songs like Strength and Two Rivers.

As Off Broadway died down for the night, all three performances left its mark on the small venue. If you have the chance to check out The Alarm on tour, go now! They’re last North America show is November 15thin Toronto and they head off to the UK for their Winter Tour. As for The American professionals, they will be swinging back through St. Louis, MO on November 23rdat the Schlafly Tap Room and Julia Othmer will be traveling to the UK with The Alarm for their winter tour!

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