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Queensryche Brings the House Down at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit


Queensryche © John Swider

(Detroit,Michigan)-Queensrÿche, the progressive metal pioneers, graced the stage Friday at the recently updated Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, delivering a powerhouse performance that few expected and others could only wish for. With their unique blend of intricate musicality, captivating storytelling, and flawless execution, the band showcased why they are regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of the genre.

Opening with “Behind the Walls,” a cut off their most recent release Digital Noise Alliance, Queensrÿche wasted no time in immersing the crowd into their mystical realm. Frontman Todd La Torre’s powerful vocals soared through the venue, effortlessly capturing the raw emotion of the lyrics, while guitarist Michael Wilton unleashed a barrage of thundering riffs that would be the envy of any up and coming artist. Bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield laid down a solid rhythmic foundation, their tight grooves providing a backbone to the intricate musical arrangements that encapsulate the bands rich library. Meanwhile, Parker Lundgren’s guitar work added depth and texture to the already rich sonic landscape.

Queensrÿche’s setlist was a carefully curated journey through their extensive discography, blending old favorites with fresh new cuts from their latest release, then reaching back into the archives to rejuvenate some deep cuts that haven’t been covered live in decades. The filled to capacity venue sang note for note to classics like “Eyes of a Stranger” and “Jet City Woman,” their voices harmonizing with La Torre’s, creating a truly euphoric atmosphere. The band’s performances of “My Empty Room” and “Spreading the Disease,” off  Operation: Mindcrime, their seminal concept album, was a particular highlight of the evening. The complex narrative unfolded on stage, with the musicians seamlessly transitioning between sections, flawlessly recreating the both deep cuts intricate arrangements as heard on the album itself.

Queensryche © John Swider

Visuals accompanying the music were equally as captivating as the music throughout the night. The smaller stage was adorned with an array of lights, creating a dynamic and ever-changing backdrop that accentuated the mood of each song. The use of projections and carefully choreographed lighting cues enhanced the storytelling aspect of the performance, drawing the audience deeper into the band’s sonic universe.

One of the standout moments of the night was the band’s back to back performance of the mega hits “Jet City Woman” and “Empire.” Frontman La Torre’s performance was nothing short of astonishing during both renditions. His emotional delivery and stage presence captured the essence of the night, transporting the audience into the dark and twisted world of the latter song. The chemistry between La Torre and the band members during this performance was a testament to their musical prowess and dedication to their craft many years after the originals had been released.

Queensryche © John Swider

The encore left many in the crowd stunned as Queensrÿche closed the night with a fiery rendition of  “Queen of the Reich,” the seldom performed “Deliverance” and culminating with a new cut “Roads to Madness.” As the final notes rang out and the crowd erupted into thunderous applause, it was clear that Queensrÿche had left an indelible mark on the hearts of their longtime fans. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to transport the audience into their unique musical world is a testament to their enduring relevance in the genre.

Overall, Queensrÿche’s performance at the quaint Saint Andrew’s Hall  was an unforgettable experience for all those lucky enough to make it through the doors. Sure, some left disappointed leaving without hearing “Silent Lucidity,”or another of their favorite cuts that have spanned the bands four decade plus career. That’s ok because the band appears to be trying to move forward and give the younger generations a deeper taste of what made them radio stalwarts during the 1990’s infused with some new and fresh sounds from their current release. From their flawless musicianship to their captivating stage presence, Queensryche delivered a performance that showcased their enduring legacy and reminded everyone in attendance why they have remained a force in the world of progressive rock to this very day. Queensrÿche’s performance Friday night in the Motor City was a true celebration of their artistry, leaving everyone in attendance with a renewed appreciation for their music and a deep longing hunger for more.

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