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Bullet For My Valentine at the Fillmore Detroit

Bullet For My Valentine © John Swider
Detroit,Michigan(May 29,2023)-  Its nearly been a decade since Bullet for My Valentine, the renowned Welsh heavy metal band, brought their electrifying energy and sound to the Detroit area. Sunday evening fans filled the historic Fillmore Detroit to near capacity, on a holiday weekend none the less, for a highly anticipated tour stop that would showcase the band’s raw talent and passion for their music, delivering a performance that will be etched in the minds of metal fans for the foreseeable future.

From the moment the lights dimmed and the stage was bathed in a pulsating glow, anticipation hung in the air(remember it has been 8 years) for Bullet For My Valentine to make their long awaited return to the Motor City. As the first notes of their opening song “Knives,” permeated through the venue, the crowd erupted into a deafening roar as each member laid down their opening licks. Even though the Fillmore Detroit was the last stop on their spring mini-tour, Bullet for My Valentine wasted no time in unleashing their signature blend of aggressive guitar riffs, highlighted during the opening  trio of cuts the featuring the aforementioned “Knives,” “Piece of Me” and the full on ripper “Over It.”

Bullet For My Valentine © John Swider

Frontman Matt Tuck commanded the stage with an irresistible charisma, his commanding presence drawing the audience in. With every lyric, he connected on a level that fans have come to appreciate, igniting a sense of shared intensity among the metal heads in the crowd. Tuck’s powerful vocals, ranging from guttural growls to melodic harmonies, showcased his versatility as a performer, lending creed to their nearly 25-year existance.

The band’s instrumental prowess was on full display during smoking renditions of  “4 Words (to Choke Upon)” and “You Want a Battle?(Here’s a War).” Guitarists Michael Paget and Jason James delivered a clinic on intricate solos and blistering riffs that reverberated through the Fillmore. Their synchronicity and technical precision were a testament to years of experience, leaving the audience in clamoring for more.

Drummer Michael Thomas pounded his kit with relentless force, driving the rhythm and pushing the songs forward with a relentless intensity. His lightning-fast drum fills and impeccable timing provided the backbone for Bullet for My Valentine’s high-octane sound, elevating the performance from a visibly tired unit.

Bullet For My Valentine © John Swider

Sunday’s eclectic setlist was a carefully curated mix of fan favorites and tracks from their latest album, self titled Bullet for My Valentine, showcasing the band’s evolution while keeping their core identity intact. The crowd exploded into a frenzy during the anthemic choruses of hits like “Tears Don’t Fall” and “Waking the Demon,” while other newer cuts such as “Rainbow Veins” and “Shatter,” received their fair share of adulation.Fans did their part to return the energy by blending  their voices with Tuck’s as the venue transformed into a massive sing-along multiple times during the 90 minute performance.

In shear contrast to Bullets “in your face sound,” a minimalistic stage production ironically enhanced the overall experience, letting the music be the overall focus of the night. A elaborate light show notwithstanding, the low impact visuals served to only intensify the mood of each song. It’s hard to imagine an outfit like BFMV not have a elaborate stage setup, but being the last show stateside for a while and European festivals mere days away, its totally understandable

Bullet for My Valentine’s connection with their audience was palpable all night long. Tuck frequently addressed the crowd, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and creating an intimate atmosphere amidst the chaos. The band’s genuine passion for their music shone through, making the concert feel like an authentic yet intimate celebration of heavy metal music history. As things drew to a close frontman Matt Tuck opened “Tears Don’t Fall,” on his own which portrayed a tender side to the song before his bandmates join him in finishing the song in full blistering fashion, finally ending a most entertaining performance with one of their biggest hits “Waking the Demon.”

It’s clear that Bullet For My Valentine has a generational appeal with the mix of ages at tonight’s show, from smaller children to those veteran metalheads who started the headbanging from the hit. It is also clear that Bullet has carved out a career that is standing the test of time, with the older songs sitting perfectly next to the newer ones. Bullet for My Valentine delivered an appeasing performance Sunday night in Detroit, leaving no doubt about their status as one of the leading forces in modern metal.

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