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Wilson + Avalon Black + Glass Empires + The Messenger Birds at The Machine Shop, Flint MI

Wilson + Avalon Black + Glass Empires + The Messenger Birds at The Machine Shop – Flint, MI.

First band of the night to kick things off was The Messenger Birds, an Alt/ Rock duo from Detroit. Their short but highly entertaining set was energetic and tight. Their material is great, and based on the crowds reaction, you need to make time and check this band out, you won’t regret it.

01/18/19 - The Messenger Birds

Next up was Glass Empires, a Flint based heavy rock band that was right at home on stage at the Machine Shop. Their short set was full of energy and the heavy guitar licks that rock fans love.These local rockers threw down the gauntlet and set the tone for the rest to follow. Both of these bands were fantastic and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

01/18/19 - Glass Empires

Third band of the night was Avalon Black, another Flint based rock band. I have seen these guys multiple times and they always put on a great show and tonight was no exception. Their energy is off the charts and they were a great choice for being slotted right before the nights headliners, Wilson.

01/18/19 - Avalon Black

After those three great bands, the sold-out Machine Shop crowd was more than ready for Wilson to hit the stage. With this show being their first headlining appearance at the Machine Shop, it was great to see that the show was sold out, and for a good reason with this line-up of bands. Being another Detroit based band, the support from their hometown was evident as everyone appeared to know Wilsons material and was singing along with each song. They kicked off their set with “Dumptruck“, which is the first song on their newest album, “Tasty Nasty”. After a jam packed set full of their best material which included the live debut of “Money(Money,Money,Money)” they took a  walk off stage for a quick breather. Everyone in the house was fully aware there was still a couple more songs to come,so the fans remained standing, roaring for more! Finally,when Wilson reappeared on stage they kicked off their encore with their super catchy radio single “Like a Baller,” which EVERYONE jammed along to while singing right back at the band!  Finally, Wilson reached back in their archive and finished the high energy set off with an extended jam version of“Susan Jane” off their 2013 release “Full Blast F_ _ ckery”. If you haven’t seen these guys live before, you are seriously missing out. They are by far one of the most energetic, fun bands to watch. Again, check Wilson, as well as the other three bands out, trust me, you’ll be really glad you did!

01/18/19 - Wilson




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