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Belle Game + Lex Lander + Kaleb the Intern @ El Club, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (January 18, 2018) – Tonight’s show at El Club was nothing short of exciting and full of energy. El Club is an all age’s arts venue in southwest Detroit, which hosts some really great local and national names. The support for Belle Game was Detroit’s own LexLander. He works out of Assemble Sound which is a recording studio in Detroit. He is a blend of jazz, trap, R&B, and rap; he brought tons of energy to El Club tonight. The studio is a creative collective of artists set in a historic 1872 green church. His specialty was pumping up the crowd and getting people moving, and he did not disappoint tonight.  He brought the talents of local Detroit producer Kaleb the Intern to his show. Kaleb is an artist, composer, producer and piano player; he brought out his keyboard to show off his talents. Their loyal fans came out to support tonight and enjoy the show.

LexLander & Kaleb the Intern

The main event was Belle Game (aka The Belle Game). This ethereal crush pop band comes from Vancouver, BC. They formed in 2009 and consist of members Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji, Alex Andrew, and Katrina Jones. They were voted one of the best bands of Vancouver in 2011. They are currently touring the US and promoting their album Fear/Nothing, which was released 09/08/17. They have a dreamy sound at times and an 80’s feel. They can also have a forceful, loud and heavy drum feel. The lead singer Andrea Lo commands your attention with her hypnotic vocals. She gives everything in every song; it shows that she has spent time gaining control over her voice. She is a powerful singer and really displays that on this new album. She was at ease performing and put out an emotional performance tonight as they performed crowd favorites such as “River” and “Yuh”.  Andrea and Belle Game are an amazing talent and this band has “nothing to fear” and a very bright future.

Belle Game

Belle Game
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The Belle Game’s “Tradition”, from 2013’s Ritual Tradition Habit, was featured in Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10, Episode 1: “Seal Our Fate

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Check out his debut EP “Comfy”.

Kaleb the Intern
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El Club
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Photographer: Kelly Harmer
Journalist: Krissy McGuire

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