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Album Review: Have You Heard? Atlas: Empire – “The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet”

L-R – Robert Hasebe (bassist), Jamie Sturt (guitar and vocals), and Steven Gillies (guitar and vocals)

Hailing from Glasgow Scotland, ATLAS: Empire are returning to Canada this October (check out the list of dates below!) touring to promote the re – issue of their 2014’s Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet.” which will be coming out on October 25,2019. The album is told from multiple character perspectives, during a time when the technology that the world relies upon ceases to operate. Pulling from the viewpoints of bystanders that witnessed the event, to those that caused it to happen, and even individuals who are caught in the crossfire – the multiple perspectives allow for the band to conceptually explore society’s reliance upon technology through genre bending and song – writing.

The Stratosphere Beaneath Our Feet – Coming out October 25,2019 (Artwork By Jamie Kerr)

The album takes an in-depth approach to regaling the listener through song. Perhaps inspired by their experiences: having a show in Paris during the Bataclan attack, or during bassist/synth player Robert Hasebe’s six hour interrogation when he was returning from tour, or even the fact that they’ve played near active warzone’s – all these experiences seem to have inspired the concept album.  With each song acting as a unique chapter, this approach allows the band to fluidly jump between post – hardcore sounds to dip into the realm of a shoe gaze vibe.

Personal favourites from the album that you should check out: “The Entire History of You,” “Our Hands Part The Waves”, and “It’s All In the Reflexes.” For fans of Thrice, Cirica Survive, Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, O’brother, The Appleseed Cast, Minus the Bear, be sure to check out the Atlas: Empire when they play a city near you.

Track Listing:
1. As Yet Unwritten
2. Diminishing Returns
3. It’s All In The Reflexes
4.The Moment We Were Exploding
5. Gethsemane
6.The Entire History of You
8. The Year of The Four Emperors
9. Our Hands Part the Waves.
10. Cenotaphs

Tour Dates:

Canada (Ontario/ Quebec)

Hamilton, On –    16 / 10
Waterloo, On –    17 / 10
Toronto, On   –   18 /  10
Barrie, On      –   19 / 10
Sudbury, On –   20 / 10
Windsor, On –   23 / 10
Guelph, On  –   24 /  10
Ottawa, On –    25 / 10
Montreal –        26 / 10

UK (W/ Last Hyena)

Leeds, UK                26 / 11
London, UK             27 / 11
Birmingham, UK     28 / 11
Nottingham, UK     29 / 11
Luton, UK               30 / 11