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Album Review: God Bless The Renegades By Clint Lowery

Longtime fans are well aware that Clint Lowery is the guitarist and cofounder of the Grammy Award nominated hard rock band Sevendust. With twenty five plus years of songwriting, multiple gold records, and countless tours to his name with Sevendust he is deservedly at the top of the heap in his genre and his name is synonymous with his band. With all that he has accomplished through his career there has been one thing he has never done, put out a solo album. But all that has changed now, as he has applied his prodigious talent to a record, he can call his own. On January 31st God Bless The Renegades will officially be released via Rise Records.
Opening things up on this ten track album is “God Bless The Renegades”. What a strong way to kick things off. Musically it’s all you could hope for, heavy and melodic. But once you get past that, lyrically it truly is a heavy hitter with a strong message on social media in today’s society. After listening to the first song it’s obvious he has a lot to say and will be baring his soul throughout this album. “Here”, a beautiful ode to his daughter, shows influences of producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette with his synth playing opening the song and interspersed with Lowery’s heavy guitar work throughout the rest of the song. “Kings” the first single off the album has an infectious chorus to it that will have you singing along in a heartbeat. Just like the rest of his material, Clint has much to say and this track is very self-reflective. Next up is the next single off the album “Alive”, a deep dive into his past during some of the darker times early on in his career with Sevendust. The brightness of the music contrasts with the darkness of the subject matter and it creates a stunning mix that works beautifully. Every track in this album is more than just a well crafted song written by one of the titans of the turn of the century hard rock revolution. It is a deeply personal part of the man that needed to get out and be heard. Lowery Capped off the album and this musical journey in a very optimistic way with “Do We Fear God”. The upbeat music and lyrics of this song is a positive self-reflecting journey into his faith and belief in a higher power and desire to be a better person.
Clint Lowery has fully opened himself up for all the world to see in creating this soul baring journey. Without a single weak spot or let down, every track on God Bless The Renegades will resonate within you and lift your spirits. With each listen you’ll peel back layers and gain deeper appreciation for the man and his music. If this album is any indication for the shape of the music landscape of the coming year, it’s going to a banner year for sure.

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Track List:

1 – God Bless The Renegades
2 – Here
3 – Kings
4 – Alive
5 – What’s The Matter
6 – You Go First
7 – Allowed To Run
8 – Silver Lining
9 – She’s Free
10 – Do We Fear God

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