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Jude Cole to Release ‘In Plain Sight’ December 5, 2017

Jude Cole

Jude Cole to Release In Plain Sight 12/05/17!

Splice Magazine was fortunate to get our hands on an advance copy of Jude Cole’s five-song EP ‘In Plain Sight’ before its release on December 5th! We cracked a beer and sat back and soaked in the tunes…
Our collaborative first thought was how Cole’s musical range truly stands out! He is certainly one of a kind.

The first cut ‘Taking Away My Home’ 03:54 has a light rock feel to it with a hint of keyboard reminding us of an old Wallflowers song.  The ups and downs of this track really hit the spot. One minute you find your head bobbing in agreement, next a slight frown on your face, and then a grin…

The 2nd track ‘The Dark’ 06:11 has a trippier, more relaxed feel to it that makes you want to go for a long drive and crank it up! If we had to give it a resemblance – we would say, Pink Floyd.  Man, this track gave me goosebumps!

The 3rd song ‘Wax Wings’ 02:30 is a funky number that is a departure from the other tracks on this EP; it’s a nice change of pace for the listener. If you were finding yourself a little too relaxed during the first two tracks, this one will pep you up from the very first chord!

The 4th track ‘Only Far Away’ 03:07 has a dreamy feel to it, sort of psychedelic ambiance. It is easy on the ears and is unique to the rest of the EP. I envision swaying my hips and flipping my long locks around to this back in August 1969 😉  I appreciate that Jude is brave enough to put his spin on classic music and release this track in 2017; not just anyone can pull that off.

The final song on this EP ‘I’ll Miss You’ 03:42 has the pop feel. While it has a more pedestrian effort from the rest of EP.; it is certainly a song that could get mainstream radio play today. Heck, we believe the whole EP could!

We certainly enjoyed the ~20 minutes listening to Jude Cole’s In Plain Sight’ EP. We are looking forward to its release, and the possibility of an LP to follow in the near future!

All in all, it’s this EP’s diversity that separates it from much of today’s music. It certainly doesn’t fall prey to any kind of cookie cutter formula that today’s bands often rely on when creating tunes. Cole’s fans should be pleased with this his musical evolution as it continues to push its’ limits and remains relevant in the today’s entertainment industry.

Jude Cole
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Lifehouse and Kiefer Sutherland’s Manager and Producer

Jude Cole to Release ‘In Plain Sight’ December 5, 2017

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Nov. 28, 2017) – Jude Cole’s imprint on the music industry is profound and everlasting, not only as the producer behind Lifehouse’s Billboard chart-topping hits and Kiefer Sutherland’s renowned debut album Down In A Hole, but also as a songwriter, manager and artist.

On Dec. 5, Cole will release an eclectic, 5-song masterpiece EP titled In Plain Sight (PRE-ORDER HERE).

In Plain Sight is the culmination of my years as a touring and session guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter – as an artist manager, record producer and independent record company owner. It’s the first in a series of EP’s to be released in the next year. I’m thrilled about the songs, the way they sound, and the artwork that was created to accompany them,” Cole said.

As a pop artist, Cole ascended to the top of the Billboard Pop Singles chart with “Baby, It’s Tonight” and “Time For Letting Go” in the early 90s. This time around, Cole is not following the industry norm on getting the music to fans through streaming platforms.

“I hope I’ve earned the right to, at the very least, release music in a way I’d like it to be heard. I don’t speak for a single other artist when I say this, but for me, a lot of time was spent recording In Plain Sight and getting it right. Then you have a gifted set of ears like Chris Lord-Alge to mix it. Then another expert like Ted Jensen to frame it in mastering. The notion of whisking it off to throw it up on a digital site just feels… kind of value-less. The idea of someone typing your name on a whim, just to hear a few seconds of it on a crappy speaker system doesn’t motivate me. I mean, do we ask an artist of oil paintings who’s devoted their life to a craft to finish a painting so we can view it on Instagram? I need to create work that meets my standard of quality.  If only 10 people buy it… then next record I’ll set a goal for 11!” Cole said.

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