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Palaye Royale Unveil Behind The Scenes Footage From Epic “Tonight Is The Night I Die” Music Video Shoot

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Starring Palaye Royale, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, Amanda Steele and De’Wayne
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“Among all of the rock bands to capture the ears and hearts of the younger generations, few have done it better than the three brothers in Palaye Royale.” – SPIN
Notorious Alt Rock triumvirate of brothers, Palaye Royale, have released a fly-on-the-wall, behind the scenes look at the shoot for their recent music video “Tonight Is The Night I Die”. The deliciously dark, gothic vampire thriller is the band’s most grandiose and cinematic video to date and stars Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, actress Amanda Steele and recording artist De’Wayne alongside the band. Now the band are giving their fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the cinematic masterpiece was made. Watch the newly revealed footage here or by clicking on the image below. Fans of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall should be sure to watch to the end for a very special performance, courtesy of Remington Leith.
PALAYE ROYALE - Tonight Is The Night I Die (Behind The Scenes)
“Tonight Is The Night I Die” is taken from The Bastards, the highly acclaimed third studio album from the Palaye Royale brothers. The song was recently used as the soundtrack for the teaser trailer for hotly anticipated TV series Paradise City which also stars Amanda Steele and for which Palaye Royale frontman, Remington Leith, recorded all the vocals for the lead character, Johnny Faust, played by Andy Biersack.
The track follows a string of hugely popular singles – the infectious “Hang On To Yourself”, fuzzy, distorted Brit-pop infused “Nervous Breakdown”, anti-gun violence anthem “Massacre, The New American Dream”, the heartbreakingly relatable “Lonely” and the bombastic, industrial tinged banger “Anxiety”.
Palaye Royale also recently released their long awaited graphic novel accompaniment to their latest full-length. The Bastards: Volume One features 260 pages of artwork and literature, intricately created and obsessed over for the past three years, every single page hand drawn by Palaye Royale drummer Emerson Barrett and XoBillie. Speaking on the release of The Bastards: Volume One, the band share
“Welcome to the world of Palaye Royale, where one can reside, reign and recreate themselves when destroyed by living. Ever since the conception of the band and the first single “Morning Light”, we have been hiding pieces of this story within the lyrics, artwork and visuals. Finally, after years of world, the doors are opened for all to enter. The best travel once can take in times like these is inside their own mind, in memory or imagination. Get lost in the pages of our book. Enjoy the ride. Love the void.”