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CMA Fest – Tim Rushlow

Splice caught up with Tim Rushlow at CMA Fest in NashvilleTennessee. Check out what Tim had to say




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Tim Rushlow:

Timing is everything. Sometimes a successful career can actually be a prelude to an artist’s true calling, but it’s a process that can’t be rushed. Just ask Tim Rushlow. In a career already populated with hit songs, 11 million records sold, CMA and ACM Awards, 3 Grammy nominations, 8 world tours and numerous other accolades, the former voice and front man for the country super group Little Texas has long held a desire to share his life long dream to be a curator for the Great American Songbook to the next generation.

“I have been dreaming of doing this for years, but it just wasn’t time”, Rushlow says of plunging into a recording and touring big band career. “This is not a genre hop that’s been convenient for me. I’m not doing a one-off record in the jazz industry and cutting a country/pop record next year. This is a career move that I felt called to do.”

It’s about sharing a national treasure and being able to touch lives with this timeless music. “I am blown away at the staying power these songs and artists have from a magical generation that so many people are still curious about”, says Tim. “I want to bring an authentic experience to every record and every town I sing in and put a spotlight on the romance that is evoked through these classics. I’m not out to impersonate anyone, but want to do my own interpretation of the greats from Mr. Bobby Darin to Mr. Frank Sinatra.”

Rushlow has already achieved so much more than most aspiring musician’s dream of accomplishing. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, Rushlow catapulted to fame as lead singer for the country super group, Little Texas. Between 1991 and 1998, the group charted 20 singles on Billboard’s country chart, including the upbeat Number 1 hit “God Blessed Texas” and the poignant power ballad and crossover Number 1 smash, “What Might Have Been”. When the group disbanded, Rushlow embarked on a successful solo career shifting from Warner Bros. Records, with Jim Ed Norman, to Atlantic Records. Tim scored 2 chart-topping hits and his emotionally moving song “She Misses Him”, which became a Top 5 record gaining Tim a National Spokesman spot for the Alzheimer’s Association for 2 years.

Tim went on to have 2 more record deals with Lyric Street Records and Universal Records before taking a break from recording to focus on his ability as an entertainer on tour in his critically acclaimed unplugged solo show called “One Man, One Guitar, One Night”, which crisscrossed the country over the last 5 years taking him from theatre and cabaret stages to performing around the world unplugged for our Sailors and Soldiers in some very dangerous locations many times over the past 8 years.

Tim Rushlow has an immense amount of drive and passion. When he hears the word “No”, he simply believes it means, “Not yet”.  So, without reservation, Tim dove in headfirst to embark on his lifelong dream to record a Big Band Christmas record with acclaimed Nashville producer, Jimmy Ritchey, who is a lifetime jazz fan. The record was recorded in Nashville using an all-star band and the top players from the Nashville Symphony. It was received with rave reviews, shooting the Rushlow penned radio single “What Do I Do With The Blue” to #16 on the Billboard singles chart and #16 on the Billboard Holiday Album chart as well. He settled in right behind the Frank Sinatra Christmas Record, making another lifelong dream come true with his name being next to such an adored American icon.

Never being one to be still, Tim felt the need to show his admiration and authenticity for this music and began planning his next gutsy and risky move. Tim decided on doing a full on Big Band “Live” recorded concert record and TV special in front of his peers in Nashville, Tn. “What happened that night is pure fairytale stuff”, said Tim. “If I could document one show in my life for people to see the real me deep down, this is the one”. After seeing the magical footage, it was decided to take it to APT, American Public Television. APT was blown away at Tim’s ability to be so genuine and sing to their current demographic, yet be youthful enough to sing to a new and younger generation. It was decided that “Tim Rushlow and His Big Band” would be a national pledge drive for 2016-2017.

And so it begins, a new chapter, taking Tim and his Big Band on tour in support of the TV Show and beyond. “I am so thrilled that this music is being received with such passion. I have definitely found my own lane and I’m thrilled to be bringing a retro Vegas Supper Club experience to old and new fans alike. These songs are timeless and people will appreciate them when they hear them done from an authentic heart.”


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