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Watsky Complaint Tour Visits St. Louis MO

Watsky Tour

St. Louis, MO (February 20th, 2019) – The line wrapped around the building and you could hear the excitement in the crowd; excitement for the show and excitement to get out of the cold wind. Watsky hit the Ready Room on his Complaint Tour with help from Grieves and Feed The Biirds. As soon as doors opened and people rushed in, the Ready Room filled almost instantly. In about fifteen minutes the venue was packed from front to back, just in time for the first set.

Feed The Biirds opened the night up with smooth beats and a charming voice from Camila Recchio. The duo consists of Camila and Kush Mody, growing their music and fanbase. From the reaction of the crowd, you could feel the love the crowd had for them. The latest release from Feed The Biirds was For E. They played this song along with a few of their other singles such as Another Miracle and She Came. The duo had electric energy to their set and this energy resonated with the crowd.

Feed The Biirds © Eryn Smith
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The next performance was from rapper/producer Grieves. He recently released a new single, I’ll Be Better (ft. JAGA), which fell onto the setlist for the night. A few other songs included were What It Dew, RX, Shreds, and Kidding Me. The crowd was pressed at the barricade through the whole set, everybody responding to the beat. From the songs to small talk between songs, the set never had a dull moment and kept the same energy that Feed The Biirds had started. The flow from Grieves and his performance had the crowd jumping and ready for the headlining act; Watsky.

Grieves © Eryn Smith
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You could feel the tension and excitement for Watsky build up as the crowd began chanting “Watsky”. When he hit the stage, it was all energy from him to the crowd. He started the set off with songs Brave New World, Hey, Asshole, and Pink Lemonade. You could feel the beat through your whole body and could not resist from going along with the beat. Watsky is a rapper who includes elements of rock and jazz into his music. The performance includes not only his band but singer Camila from Feed The Biirds. His most recent album release was COMPLAINT, the big hype behind his Complaint Tour. He performed songs from the most recent album release such as Welcome To The Family, Limo 4 Emos, and No Complaints No Conversations. The ambiance in the Ready Room that made you want to never leave as Watsky stood on the barricade and immersed himself in the crowd, even crowd surfing throughout the night. He closed out the night with a two-song encore. Watsky performed Whitecaps and a well-known song of his, Whoa Whoa Whoa, leaving the night on a high.

Watsky © Eryn Smith
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The energy from all the bands and the mixture it had with the crowd’s energy left you wanting more and not wanting to leave. Anyone who attended this show was left with an unforgettable night. Watsky will continue the Complaint Tour until March 23, 2019, in Los Angeles, Calif.




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