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Vérité + Roses & Revolutions

Charlotte, North Carolina (February 27, 2018) – Tonight I found myself venturing into a musical experience I am not accustomed to; looking for a change, something to break the monotony – I sure found it. This would be my first time at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC. An old 1930’s movie theatre converted into a music venue. This would also be my first ever pop music concert. As a rock ‘n’ roll and traditional country fan, tonight’s show definitely had me out of my element. On the bill are two New York-based groups: Roses & Revolutions and Vérité, who are both currently making a name for themselves with extensive touring and social media success.

Roses & Revolutions came on stage and immediately lit up the crowd. Lead singer, Alyssa Coco, has a voice of purity that captivated the audience, along with the powerful lyrical content in songs like “The Pines“. This is a song that has brought the group much attention having nearly 1 million listens on Spotify and charting well on iTunes in Germany and Switzerland. Matt Merritt, the guitarist for the group, has a unique style that blends well with the use of Alyssa’s modern electronic instruments. Watching Matt play with feeling and how he was really into the music was something that surprised me with this being a pop group. Along with Javi Torres on drums, the group as a whole put on a very dynamic show; one that had the crowd pumping their fists in the air to breaking down and filling the room with emotion when Alyssa spoke of a song written in memory of her grandparents. “Moment” was another song that caught my attention as it was filled with a message as well. Roses & Revolutions took their bow and left the stage having left one huge positive impression.

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Vérité is a French word describing naturalism and realism. After listening to singer Kelsey Byrne it is easily understood why she took on the use of this word as her stage name. There I so much truth in the words of her songs. Having self-released three EP’s and one full-length album, “Somewhere in Between,” since 2014 Vérité has seen much success. She became the number 1 “Most Viral Twitter Artist” on Hype Machine with the release of her first ever single “Strange Enough” in 2014. She has gone on to gain notable mentions from Time Magazine, as well as touring internationally and performing at many big festivals including South By Southwest and Lollapalooza.

Tonight’s show brought Vérité to Charlotte, NC for the first time and she aimed to impress. Having a self-admitted quiet and soft demeanor you would never know it by her onstage presence. Vérité fills each song with passion and conviction. Playing a 15-song set, she included tracks spanning all four of her releases showcasing many sides of her artistry. Songs like “When You’re Gone“, “Saint“, and “Somewhere In Between“, were standouts for me. Vérité also did a popular cover of “Somebody Else” by the group The 1975. Having heard the original I was impressed by her rendition of the song and how she incorporated her style, taking it and truly making it her own. The show was filled with highs and lows, a roller coaster of musical expression at times feeling more like a rock show than pop.

© Michael Bragg – MJBragg Photography. Please do not alter images.

With the closing of the show, I had the chance to meet Vérité and Roses and Revolutions and speak with them. I openly expressed that their genre of music is not something I would normally listen to. For me, pop music is full of un-relatable lyric content, fake and typically annoying as I’m one who likes realness in music. However, I was able to tell both groups of how they managed to win me over. Each group has a spin on pop music I am not accustomed to. Deep and meaningful lyrics that grab you and make you feel what they are expressing with musical dynamics not seen in mainstream pop. They both had showmanship and stage presence that kept you intrigued throughout the whole performance without the fancy lights and stage props.

Vérité and Roses and Revolution are two amazing groups that did a great job at convincing me not all pop music is the same and that I should definitely take more chances on other genres. If you have not heard of these artists you are missing out. I truly enjoyed the show and pulled out of the ’Queen City’ blasting music from both artists on my ride home.


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