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Unleash The Archers & Striker – Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario (September 29, 2018) – With a line – up around the block, the Ottawa stop for the Apex tour was going to be an incredible evening of music. Touring bands Unleash the Archers, Striker were supported by locals Lycanthro and Sovereign Council.

Up first for the evening were Kingston melodic metal band Sovereign Council. Playing songs from both their albums they provided an engaging opening performance. Featuring not one but two powerful vocalists who knew how to work the crowd and get them fired up, Sovereign Council are an all-encompassing experience you will not want to miss.

Following Sovereign Council were power/thrash metal band Lycanthro. Eager to keep the energy and engagement high, the band used their set to showcase their skills with a compelling force. With impressive guitar leadwork and a setlist that compelled you to headbang along, Lycanthro brought a captivating performance. Ending on a strong note with the song “Crucible,” the band is definitely one to check out.

Edmonton, Alberta’s Striker came out swinging and were eager to dominate the stage. For a band that hasn’t played Ottawa in over five years, the crowd was eager to show the band that they were ready to let loose. Pulling from their entire discography, the band played a slew of hits which saw the crowd demonstrate appreciation in the form of headbanging, moshing and crowd surfing. A perfect summation of their set came from one fan, “Next to oil, Striker is the greatest natural resource to come out of Edmonton.” On that note, Striker prepared the crowd for the epic known as Unleash The Archers.

Unleash the Archers were eager to play, as the show had a slight sentimental aura as well. Touring bassist for the band, Nick Miller (of Killitorous fame), as it was his hometown show. With that motivation, the band and crowd were eager to make sure the night was memorable. Each song that the band played was met with long cheers as soon as the first chord was hit. During “Dreamcrusher,” many in the crowd took out lighters or their cell phones to provide a sentimental atmosphere for the band to really get into the atmosphere. Moments like this, which emphasized a sort of kinship with the crowd, Unleash the Archers set was a powerful rallying cry and an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening.

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