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Tiny Moving Parts + Fredo Disco + Standards @ The Magic Stick

Detroit, Michigan (October 22, 2019) –  It’s a busy night in Detroit with the Red Wings playing just a few blocks away and Tiny Moving Parts headlining The Magic Stick. I’ve been looking forward to this show since this tour was announced back in the summer as Tiny Moving Parts quickly became one of my favorite bands since their fourth album, Swell was released last year. The bands Fredo Disco and Standards tagged along with Tiny Moving Parts during their stop here in Motown.

Kicking off the night was the band Standards. Led by guitarist Marcos Mena and drummer Kynwyn Sterling, Standards got the crowd moving early and often with their insane guitar riffs and intricate drum patterns. Strictly an instrumental band, Standards doesn’t need vocals to capture the crowd’s attention. Standards had all the math-rock goodness that even the most skilled musicians would have been left with their jaws dropped.


Shortly after Standards finished their set, Fredo Disco took the stage. This young band formed only a few years ago, but already have a good following with fans singing along to every song they played. Fredo Disco started out as an acoustic solo project started by frontman Fredo Fosco before becoming a full band. Playing an upbeat pop-rock style, Fredo Disco reminded me of the band “The Front Bottoms” and it was no surprise to me that after a little research, finding out that they are one of Fredo Disco’s main influences. Fredo Disco is gaining many new fans each day and will continue to do so by playing fun sets like they did tonight.


Finally, it’s time for Tiny Moving Parts to come out and play. Walking out to the iconic Fox Sports theme, you knew they were ready to bring the energy. Opening up with “The Midwest Sky” off their newly released album Breathe, the crowd immediately went into a frenzy. With every song that lead singer Dylan Matthieson sang, the crowd belted back at him word for word. Matthieson’s talent as a musician was one of the many reasons why I became a fan of this band. The way he can hit every note on his guitar accurately while singing will never cease to amaze me.

Tiny Moving Parts played a collection of older and newer songs such as “Applause,” “Medicine,” “Sundress,” and one of my personal favorites, “Feel Alive.” Closing out their set, Tiny Moving Parts brought out Marcos Mena of Standards to help play one of the band’s new singles “Vertebrae.” After a few short minutes of fans shouting for one more song, the band came back out and played one of their most popular songs “Caution.” To everyone’s pleasant surprise, Kelc Galluzzo of Jetty Bones came out to help finish out the night by singing along with the band. Galluzzo’s voice can be heard on the recording of “Caution” on Tiny Moving Part’s album Swell.


Tiny Moving Parts, Fredo Disco and Standards have just started their tour and will be playing throughout the U.S. and Canada. Check out the rest of their tour dates at https://www.tinymovingparts.com/tour and catch them in a city near you!