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The Early November+ Have Mercy + Owel @ The Shelter

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Detroit, Michigan (October 14, 2019) – It’s finally feeling like fall in Michigan with the lowering temps and the brisk breezing winds. Tonight, one of my favorite bands to listen to during this season stopped by in Detroit. The Early November, on the last leg of their tour, entertained a Monday night crowd at The Shelter in Saint Andrew’s Hall.

Opening up the show was a band called OWEL. When this tour was announced, I have not heard of this band, but after listening to a few songs and watching them live I got hooked. OWEL had a blend of ambient instrumentals that had post-rock elements and calming, but powerful vocals. One song that captured my attention was Snowglobe Which lead vocalist and guitarist used a cello bow on his electric guitar to create a unique and haunting sound. If you’re a fan of bands like Lydia or Copeland, I would definitely check them out.


Up next, Baltimore natives Have Mercy took the stage. They are another band that I never had the pleasure of listening to until show time. Powerful vocals and energetic instrumentals got this Monday night crowd moving. Like The Early November, Have Mercy released a new album this year called The Love Life. They played a few songs off that album like Heartbeat,” “So Like You and Clair. I’m officially a fan of Have Mercy after their amazing set.


After two incredible sets by OWEL and Have Mercy, it was finally time for The Early November to take the stage. Right away, fans were singing along with lead vocalist Ace Enders as the band opened up their set with A Stain on the Carpet. Playing at such an intimate venue like The Shelter made their set that much more fun as fans and the band got a much more interactive experience.

The Early November just released a new album called Lilac and played a couple songs off that album like Hit by a Car (In Euphoria) and a personal favorite of mine Ave Maria Enders and guitarist Nate Sander played a stripped down version of “Ave Maria” and gave the song a more intimate feel. “Ave Maria” is an inspirational song about ignoring those who tell you to give up and to press on no matter what the outcome is.

Having been a band for nearly two decades, it was great to see how much fun the band has playing their earlier songs such as I Want To Hear You Sad,” “A Little More Time, and Baby Blue. It was like going back and forth through a time machine from the present day to going as far back as 2002. They closed out their set playing a crowd mover in Frayed in Doubt.


Most Mondays are downers as it’s usually the start of another long work week, but after this show, the fans left with smiles on their faces. Not even an awful Detroit Lions Monday Night Football loss could bring the mood down.