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Nashville, Tennessee (08/24/2018) – The lights begin to slowly dim, as the announcer takes the stage to introduce the band a packed house has been eagerly waiting to hear.  The Ben Cesare Band. My chest feels a thump as the kick drum fills up the room. The drummer tests the sound one last time before the set is to begin. “Cesare’s Palace”, the bands debut EP, has just been released and tonight at the Sutler Saloon, it’s a celebration.


Guitars ring out with the early sounds of the number seven track on the record, “The Good Times’ll Kill Ya”.  Even from the first song, it’s obvious the band has been anticipating this night for quite some time now. A six piece stage presence, and every one of them is in the groove from note one.  I skim the room for a quick second, just to get a feel of the crowd. Heads are nodding and every eye is pointed towards the stage. The perfect recipe for a great show.


The band rocks through the first few up-tempo tracks, then comes to a slow ballad intro.  Ben Cesare, the bands lead singer, begins to introduce the song that he’s pretty proud to be able to have on the record.  That Was a Man, written by Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, and Will Rambeaux tells the story of three mens lives, all in different scenarios being selfless for others.


I see the lead guitarist pick up his cream yellow Les Paul and place a glass slide on his finger.  I know this next song is about to be heavy. The drummer counts in the band and they begin playing the rocking, slide filled tune, “Damn Yankee”.  It’s a fun, upbeat song that you can’t help but start swaying to.


As the night goes on, they run through “Poor People” and “She’s All Woman”.  Both songs filled with a nice mixture of slide guitar, and the country twang of a telecaster.  A little southern soul organ in the background, filling the space. “All in One Girl” melts the room with the tastes of bluesy guitar licks.  “Somethin’ Bout’ Somewhere Else” is a great driving tune that you put on repeat, even just headed to the grocery store.


The crowd continues to stay in tune throughout the evening, as the band is great on stage, and keeps the atmosphere fun!  It also doesn’t hurt that the EP is a fan favorite among everyone here.


You can order the bands debut album, buy some merch, or check their schedule by visiting their website, https://www.bencesareband.com/.  


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