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The Beaches + Goodbye Honolulu @ The Bronson Centre. Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario (December 1, 2018) – With a lineup out the door and a packed venue, the Ottawa crowd was eager to for the Toronto-based rockers, The Beaches, and garage rock, Goodbye Honolulu, to begin.

Up first for the evening were Goodbye Honolulu, who was super charming and captivating from the moment they walked on stage. The band channeled early 90’s punk rock vibes, matched with lyrical content that one would think you’d overhear on a radio at The Venice Beach Skate Park. Not only were their songs forcing you to pay attention but the transition time between songs, which they filled with some wholesome humour, made them a captivating and intriguing performance to watch. This became more apparent when vocalist/bassist/guitarist Jacob Switzer needed to quench his thirst and entrusted one lucky fan with grabbing him a stiff drink. Their performance was further enhanced when that one fan came back and Switzer was able to snag and take the shot without missing any parts of his solo. This event combined with the engaging song performances, especially during “Typical“and “Lorry Can’t Love“, proved that Goodbye Honolulu are a force to be reckoned with. With a serenade of Goodbye Honolulu as they left the stage, they left the crowd wanting more and hopefully they’ll be back soon. It’s only a matter of time before they head out on their own big headlining tour, so make sure you catch them in a city near you!

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When it was time for The Beaches to take the stage, the venue was completely packed. Energized by Goodbye Honolulu, the crowd was rife with anticipation. With drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel came out first, the crowd roared with excitement, and continued as she set the tone of what the next would hold, with drumming that made you feel that you were at a large rock arena performance. The band pulled most of their setlist from their stellar album, The Late Show, but also threw in some old tunes as well. However, with every song, the crowd released thunderous cheers and whistles because they knew that every song performance would be captivating and a pleasure to hear. Channeling a fierce, but fun stage presence, it was surreal to see how far the band has come since they played the Bronson Centre last year. The band acknowledged this, prior to playing the new track “Fascination“. As they showed off the authentic signed photo of Tony Danza (which is included as part of their rider). Moments like this demonstrated how The Beaches know how to provide a spectacular experience that you won’t want to miss. To solidify the evening as a memorable one, for one of the two encore songs, the band paid homage to Canadian icon Avril Lavinge with their electrifying cover of “S8ker Boi“.

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