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Tall Heights + Old Sea Brigade + Frances Cone

St. Louis, Missouri (October 23rd, 2018) – Delmar Loop was buzzing with people and Blueberry Hill was one of the top places that buzzed with excitement, as it was a stop for Tall Heights’ tour. Along with Tall Heights, Old Sea Brigade and Frances Cone accompanied them to play the Duck Room.

Frances Cone opened up the night and set a tranquil mood. The group played songs like Unraveling, a soothing and harmonious song. This song comes off their album Late Riser, which is set to release in January. Frances Cone played other songs such as Leave Without You and Easy Love.  The songs they played left a wonderful mark and the lead singer, Christina Cone, had a voice that fit perfectly with the folk pop instrumentals.

Old Sea Brigade followed up behind Frances Cone and kept the peaceful pace. They played one after another, keeping up the song pace. They even played Hope, a song from the new album that will be released in January.  The soft acoustic played by Ben Cramer, mixed with the soft percussions and piano set a mellow folk sound. The crowd was captivated as everyone stayed silent during the set, a few concert goers swaying along. The stage presence of the set was laidback and tranquil.

When it was Tall Heights’ time to come on, you could almost feel the excitement build up as band members arranged everything on stage. As soon as Tall Heights took place on stage, the Duck Room was full of buzz and the crowd was more than ready. Opening up their set with Not Like It Was, they put on a great stage presence from the beginning to the end. Their new album, Pretty Colors For Your Actions, has been out for two weeks now. They even played a couple more songs off it, such as White Frost and The Deep End.  The songs they performed form their sophomore album held a very boho vibe and the crowd loved every second of it. The unique blend of cello, played by Paul Wright, and acoustic guitar played by Tim Harrington, mixed for the perfect folk sound.

Even after the show ended, there was a high energy in the room as the crowd filed out from the basement. The bands all put on a very well-rounded show and the sounds they all brought to Blueberry Hill left an amazing mark. Tall Heights will be on tour until December 1, 2019 and if there is a chance you can catch the tour, do it and you won’t regret it.

Tall Heights

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Frances Cone      

Blueberry Hill Duck Room   

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