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Tall Heights + Frances Cone + Old Sea Brigade at The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 29, 2018)Tall Heights, the homegrown electrofolk duo from Boston, MA, visited The Foundry at The Fillmore Philadelphia in Philly tonight on the tail end of their Pretty Colors For Your Actions tour supporting their new album, Pretty Colors For Your Actions. The duo is made up of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington and are often accompanied by a drummer and trumpet player. Their most recent album, Pretty Colors For Your Actions, the follow up to their first full album, Neptune (2016), was just dropped October and has taken the band to their greatest heights yet. Their lyrics are spiritual, yet grounded; often referencing folk tales, but also have topics in betting yourself and their love of the world. Their lyrics have even been tweeted by Demi Lovato in a few of her posts. The Foundry welcomed the band by offering a cocktail of Bulleit rye, ginger ale and fresh lime, named after one of their songs “Horse to Water”.

Supporting Tall Heights on the Pretty Colors For Your Actions tour include, Old Sea Brigade, consisting of the indie folk singer songwriter, Ben Cramer. Ben joked about the small stage being covered in all three bands gear, and that they were seeing how much gear they could it on stage. Old Sea Brigade performed a short, but uplifting set, including his recent single, “Feel You”.

The opening band, Frances Cone, made up of Christina Cone, her life partner Andrew Doherty, Adam Melchor, and Aaron Hamel, is known for their song “Arizona“, which NPR rated as a “5 out of 5“. The group is getting ready to release their next studio album, Late Riser, January 18, 2019. They have released the first single off the album last month.

11/29/18 - Frances Cone

Lead woman Christina Cone, wearing a dress and black glitter guitar, joked about failing while singing the song “Failure”, for the first time, just hours before the online release. “Failure“, as a single, was scheduled to be released at midnight tonight. Cone’s vocals had a compelling feel on top of ambient melodies. Their performance was full of energy and life!

Finally, a black backdrop with Tall Heights in white, was revealed.

Tall Heights opened with their song “Not Like It Was” off of their new album, Pretty Colors For Your Actions. The intimate venue was filled with the warm sounds of Tim and Paul’s guitar and cello. The duo, and their unique instrument choices, incorporate earthy string melodies under compassionate lyrics, sang by their captivating blend of voices.

11/29/18 - Tall Heights

The duo, invited Christina on stage to sing “Only” together. All three voices blended in perfect harmony and there was prominent energy between the vocalists.  At one point in the show, the band created a unique effect, with sounds made by the audience. Tim asked everyone in the audience to use their cell phone and call the person next to them, he then instructed them to of course answer the call, and put the call on speaker. Then he asked to place the phone next to each other, with the earpiece next to the other phones microphone. This created a unique almost eerie, but intriguing, feedback that they incorporated into their song. The band finished their set with an encore of “House on Fire“.

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