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SWMRS Take Over the Ready Room in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri (April 23, 2019) – On a rainy night in St. Louis the Oakland band SWMRS took over the Ready Room with their Berkley’s On Fire US Tour. They were joined by San Diego-based band Beach Goons and Oakland band Destroy Boys. The lineup for this tour brought punk rock jams and strong garage punk vibes to St. Louis.

The first band to it the stage was Destroy Boys and they brought an empowering set with their hardcore punk songs. The raw guitar mixed with the vocals creates a gritty garage punk sound. The band released their first album, Sorry, Mom, in 2016 and released their newest album, Make Room, in 2018. This album includes songs such as Crybaby, Vixen, and Methatonin. These also happened to be songs they performed in St. Louis. The band expressed energy during their whole set as lead singer Alexia jumped onto the barricade and interacted with the crowd. At one-point Alexia even encouraged a circle pit, adding to the punk vibes of the band.

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The second band of the night was the Beach Goons. The San Diego based band have an interesting sound as they flow English and Spanish lyrics throughout their punk/surf music. They held an upbeat set as they played songs such as Resevoir Dogs and Choker. The band released their last album in 2018 called hoodratscumbag. The band put on quite a show and kept up energy in the crowd. They closed their set out by covering the classic song, La Bamba.

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The time came for the SWMRS to take the stage and keep the energy going, which they did. They opened up with Trashbag Baby, a song from their newly releases album Berkley’s On Fire. The Oakland based band really brought the energy and lead singer Cole Becker connected with the crowd. The band has a surf/garage punk sound that is really hard to not move to. They played more songs off the new album like Hellboy and Berkley’s On Fire. SWMRS also performed songs off their album Drive North such as Miley, Lose It, and Figuring It Out. It was a refreshing change to hear Cole discuss sexual harassment and call it out.

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All the bands on this tour put on an amazing show and this tour is one you do not want to miss. You also do not want to miss out on buying the SWMR’s new album Berkley’s On Fire. Check out the rest of the tour dates here and catch a show!