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Steve Vai Wows At The Plaza Live With His Inviolate Tour

Orlando, Fl (October 10th, 2022)

Virtuoso – one who excels in the technique of an art. If there ever was a modern musician that fits this description it’s Steve Vai. Whether working behind the scenes for Frank Zappa or on arena stages alongside David Lee Roth to scoring and performing iconic guitar scenes in movies, Vai has certainly left his mark on the music scene with his prodigious talents. With the release of Passion And Warfare in 1990, he put himself firmly on the map as a guitar god. Of course winning three Grammy Awards along the only enhanced his reputation. Over the course of his career he has released eleven solo albums including his latest Inviolate. Now that touring and live performances have come back, Steve Vai has hit the road in support of Inviolate. Tonight he has brought the tour to Plaza Live in Orlando Florida.

When it was finally time for the show to start Steve and his band mates guitarist Dave Weiner, drummer Jeremy Colson, and bassist Philip Bynoe made their way on to the stage. They immediately kicked the concert off with “Avalancha” from Inviolate. The audience watched in awe as Steve wove his sonic tapestry on his Ibanez guitar with the lit up fret board. With barely a break except to change guitars, he followed things up with “Giant Balls Of Gold” and “Little Pretty”. As with every song he would play throughout the night his technique was flawless, and his fellow musicians were impressive as well.

Unlike most rock concerts, which can be raucous and rowdy affairs, tonight’s show had the audience in rapt attention. Everyone was in awe of Steve’s performance and hung on every note that was being played. Only when a song was finished did they cheer wildly, giving the show that rock vibe that it deserved. It was only after playing for some twenty plus minutes that Steve picked up a microphone to talk to the audience and of course introduce the talented musicians accompanying him on stage.

This would be a pattern throughout the night. There would be some incredible guitar work interspersed with Steve taking time to talk about a song or relate a funny and entertaining story. Whether he was talking about one of his songs “Greenish Blues” and how its about his infatuation with the color green and had nothing to do with blues guitarist Peter Green, or the truth about the reason this tour had been postponed (he hurt his shoulder moving a pizza oven at home). No matter the story or situation, he was the type of at ease that you see when you’re hanging out with a friend and just talking. In other words he was relaxed, warm and had a wry wit to him.

While there is no arguing that the virtuosity of Steve Vai, in order to be able to put in a performance like he does live, the musicians that he brings along must be able to keep up with him, and that they do. While the show is rightfully so about Steve and his incredible music, he also allows his talented band members to flex their musical chops and take time in the spotlight to perform some awe inspiring solo’s. Surprisingly, there was even more talent in the venue. As Steve was introducing the next song “For The Love Of God”, he was talking about one of his crew members Danny G. He would go on to talk about all that he could do and said that he could even sing opera and with that he brought him out to sing during the first verse and chorus of the song. Indeed it seems as though all that are in Steve Vai’s universe are uniquely and supremely talented.

For over two hours the audience got to see a once in a generation talent flex his musical chops. From great story telling, to incredible songs, to even eye popping instruments this is such a unique experience that must been experienced. For fans of Steve Vai this is definitely a must attend event, and for fans of great music you’ll be you’ll get to witness a rare talent at the top of his game.

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