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Spencer Sutherland + Justice Carradine

Detroit, Michigan (August 19, 2019) Tonight, The Shelter at Saint Andrews Hall, in downtown Detroit hosted Spencer Sutherland with support from Justice Carradine for the sixth show of Spencer’s first headlining tour, the Freaking Out Tour!
The night began when Justice Carradine took the stage. Justice was first introduced into the spotlight back in 2013 when he began posting 6-second videos singing on Vine. After watching his set during tonights show, it is no surprise as to why he was chosen to join the tour. His stage presence did not fail to excite the crowd. His set included a mind blowing cover of “idontwanttobeyouanymore” originally by Billie Eilish, some unreleased music, and ended with his only current song out “Dangerous Love”.
Justice Carradine © Anna Tollstam
Justice Carradine © Anna Tollstam
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Next up to the stage is the man of the evening, Spencer Sutherland. Spencer began releasing music back in 2013 with his debut single “Heartstrings”. He released his single “Selfish” back in February, 2017 where his rise to fame took off. In 2018, he released three more singles, “Talk”, “Tell Me”, and “Fine”. Beginning in September the same year, he joined the Tonight Belongs To You tour headlined by the boy band In Real Life. In October, 2018 he signed with BMG US. He began this year by releasing singles “Sweater” and “None of this had been about you”, and in March he released his debut EP “None of this has been about you”. Once the alt-soul pop singer took the stage there was no calming the crowd. With his fire energy and insane vocal range the crowd could not contain their excitement by singing and dancing throughout the entire show. His set included an acoustic performance of “It May Sound Strange” found on his recent EP, a cover of “Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande and a cover of “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer, some new music, and ended with not only one but two encores singing hit song “Sweater” and soon coming back to end with a fan favorite, “Selfish”.
Spencer Sutherland © Anna Tollstam
Spencer Sutherland © Anna Tollstam
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