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Skillet + For King & Country + Ledger

Joy Unleashed Tour – Skillet + For King & Country + Ledger

Port Huron, Michigan, (April 27, 2018)Skillet, For King & Country, and Ledger brought their Joy Unleashed Tour to fans in Michigan tonight. On this rainy, chilly spring night in Port Huron, MI, fans were lined up for a good hour or more waiting to see these three Christian rock bands live!

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First up was Ledger. Jen Ledger (drummer of Skillet) just launched her debut solo project and has only played about 10 shows in support of it. Although the set was short (3 songs), likely conserving her energy for Skillet’s set, it was nothing short of awesome!

Starting with “Iconic”, Ledger entertained fans with songs from her new EP, Ledger. Joined by Skillet’s, Korey Cooper on guitar, and John Cooper, the three performed “Warrior” for the eager crowd. You could definitely tell how supportive Jen’s bandmates are of her endeavor, like a family. I also loved that Jen took a moment to talk about her song, “Not Dead Yet, letting people know they are not alone in their fight with anxiety, before playing her rocking last song.

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Next up was Australian Christian pop/rock band For King & Country. These are some talented guys! It was really unique to see the band members switching between instruments such as trombone, trumpet, xylophone, cello, cymbals, and different kinds of drums. These guys had a super energetic set as well, and brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone (vocals, multi-instrumental) went out into the crowd for a song. They even stopped mid-song for a moment to take a selfie with a fan! Getting even closer to the fans for a bit, Joel, Luke, and a few other band members went to a separate, small stage in the middle of the crown, with fans surrounding the stage just feet away.

Besides the amazing talent and energy, the light show was spectacular! FK&C is working on their third studio album right now. I definitely recommend checking out their first two, Crave (2012) and Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong (2015); you won’t regret it! Also, check out the film “Priceless” that Joel and Luke helped develop and produce, they even wrote a song about it!

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Finally, it was time for Skillet! Energy, lights, fog cannons, sparks flying, standing on raisers that looked to go 15’ in the air, and riding rolling cases out into the crowd? Yep! It was incredible! Their interaction and engagement with the crowd were one of the best I have seen, especially with being able to go out on to the catwalk to get closer to the fans, as well as John and Jen riding rolling cases around during “Hero”. You can easily see how much fun these guys are having when they are on stage.

John Cooper (vocals, bass) also had handheld fog cannons that would be any kids dream to have. Korey Cooper (guitar, keyboard, background vocals) was rocking away on her guitars, and even had one that matched her purple hair! Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) was having a blast jamming on the drums even when her drum riser was moving around and spinning on stage. Seth Morrison (lead guitar) was shredding away and was super fun to watch.

Taking a break from the high energy set, the whole band went to the back of the main floor to a second small stage and performed an acoustic song, “Stars”, which was just as great as everything else. They also had an incredible light show, though it really wasn’t needed as their music and energy alone is enough for an incredible show.

Set List:
Feel Invincible
Whispers in the Dark
Sick of It
Back From the Dead
Awake and Alive
Not Gonna Die
The Resistance
Stars” (The Shack version)

Between the three acts, it was an amazing night, filled with some super energetic and uplifting music!. It was refreshing to see how many families with young kids were there to catch tonight’s show. Their energy of Ledger, For King & Country and Skillet is exactly what was needed in this dreary-weather evening. What a great way to kick off the weekend!!

Be sure to catch them before they wrap up their Joy Unleashed Tour next week!


For King & Country:


Photojournalist: Cheyenne Comerford

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