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Shinedown Celebrates Planet Zero With An Album Release Party At Daddy Kool Records

St. Petersburg, FL. (July 1, 2022)

On the first of July, multi-platinum recording artists Shinedown dropped their latest album Planet Zero. Many bands usually just mark this is as the beginning of the next tour cycle especially major recording acts. For this their seventh album the guys in Shinedown decided to hold an album release party. With a band this big their options were limitless. With so many directions they could take this, they decided to reward some of their most ardent fans with a very exclusive free performance at Daddy Kool Records in St. Petersburg Florida. Not only would they play for their fans, but they would stick around and sign copies of Planet Zero for those that preordered it to the record store. In addition, for those that couldn’t score a ticket or were simply too far away, they livestreamed the event via Veeps to the entire world for free.

At one pm on a steamy Florida afternoon, everyone that managed to snag one of the free tickets to the concert was lining up outside Daddy Kool Records, an enclave of vinyl wonders for those that still prefer the analog experience. The level of excitement was palpable. After all it isn’t often that a band that plays arena’s comes to a local record store to get their gig on. With a smaller than usual stage in the back of the record store, nonetheless it was well setup for the band. If anything it was just a scaled down stage setup that they usually have. Everything was well set for this to be an incredible experience.
By three the sold out event space was full, and everyone was waiting for the band to hit the stage. Minutes later guitarist Zach Myers, bassist Eric Bass, and drummer Barry Kerch hit the stage to cheers of their fans. Finally, lead singer Brent Smith hit the stage. All they guys were dressed in jump suits with Planet zero patches on them. Without hesitation they launched into one of the first singles off the album “The Saints Of Violence And Innuendo”, the hard hitting song about false narratives and group think.

From the moment they hit the stage you knew they were pumped up and just as happy as the fans to be there. Smith even referenced this after they got done playing “Planet Zero” when he said to everyone it’s impossible to be a tough guy rocker when I look out and see all your smiling faces. Instead of playing another song off Planet Zero, they took things back a little to the Threat To Survival album and played “Cut The Cord”. Afterwards, they rolled a piano on stage and Eric Bass sat down and started playing the intro to “Daylight”, their latest single from Planet Zero. During all this Brent Smith gave a very heartfelt explanation of the song as well as dedicating it to one of the people that helped make the album possible. With the crowd singing along to the chorus, this was one of those intimate moments that make these shows oh so good.
As this was a special one off event, and not a true concert the band had only two songs left for their performance. Instead of playing more songs from Planet Zero, they played two of their biggest hits. The first was “second Chance” complete with Zach Myers playing acoustic guitar. The final song of the show was “Sound Of Madness” which was a great choice to end things on. As the band waved at the crowd and did the usual toss pics and drumsticks to thrilled fans, in light of the heat of the day Brent Smith brought out a case of water and was tossing them out to all those that wanted it. A very caring touch indeed.

While usually this is the point where everyone makes their way home and revel in the memories of the show. This time all those that pre-ordered a copy of Planet Zero got to wait so the band would come out and sign each copy. Most of these signings are usually a very brief affair where you get your CD or album signed and if your luck you get to grab a quick selfie. This time, the band decided to take their time. They thanked every fan and went above and beyond for each person. While this may have taken more time from the bands busy schedule, it showed how much they truly care for their fans.

What an incredible experience Shinedown provided for everyone on this day. While their show wasn’t as long as their usual concerts, this was indeed a special event that was free for everyone, which included the livestream as well. After all it’s not often that a band of this magnitude will go out of their way to not only celebrate the release of a new album, but also celebrate their loyal fans. Now that everyone has gotten a tase of Planet Zero, soon enough Shinedown will be out on the road and bringing it to everyone.

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